• 4/16/2018
    Customers of the DevExpress ASP.NET Spreadsheet control have given us some great feedback about their particular use case scenarios. We've taken this feedback and enhanced......
  • 4/16/2018
    The Hamburger Menu The Hamburger Menu has a long history. It was introduced by Norm Cox in the early 1990s as a part of the user interface for the Xerox Star, but became much more popular in the last decade when mobile app developers were looking for...
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  • 4/16/2018
    In DevExtreme v17.2, we made the jQuery dependency optional. In that context, we were talking about Server Side Rendering (SSR) for Angular in our blog post . Now we have finished implementing this feature for the DevExtreme v18.1 release, which means...
  • 4/13/2018
    We've included some really cool features in the DevExtreme TreeList widget in our upcoming v18.1 release. Paging If you're dealing with a lot of data in the TreeList, you might not want to scroll all the way down (or up). For this reason, we decided...
  • 4/13/2018
    We have implemented several Report Designer enhancements that will become available with the upcoming v18.1 release. Wherever you invoke the Report Designer, in Visual Studio, a desktop application or a web application, the new features are available...
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  • 4/11/2018
    Use the powerful DevExpress Query Builder with your DevExpress ASP.NET MVC controls, starting with the v18.1 release...
  • 4/10/2018
    Logify was designed to help you catch and log unhandled exceptions as they occur and correct issues within your app as quickly as possible. Each exception report sent to Logify contains a detailed description of individual app crash events (exceptions...
  • 4/9/2018
    Many of you are probably familiar with the Splash Screen Manager and its Wait Forms . These tiny elements implement a solution for the popular scenario of displaying a loading panel to indicate that the application is currently busy. Wait Forms are good...
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  • 4/6/2018
    In the next major release, v18.1, we've updated the client-side API format for all DevExpress Bootstrap ASP.NET Core controls. The changes in the API are more intuitive and will improve your development experience...
  • 4/3/2018
    Our XAF Mobile Report Viewer is now available for testing! It ships with the v17.2.7 update as a preview you can enable using a feature flag....
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