• 3/8/2018
    Back at the end of 2017, we held a series of four webinars over four days to describe the features and enhancements we were considering for our products in 2018. As a part of that, we sent out a survey to selected users so that they could review those...
  • 3/7/2018
    Some time ago I wrote an article on an XPO-based storage provider for Microsoft Identity . This provider is available as NuGet package , but at the time of writing, we didn’t have XPO available for .NET Core. One of the things we released in v17.2 is...
  • 3/5/2018
    Check out our new portal for everything related to DevExpress NuGet packages...
  • 2/26/2018
    Starting with the upcoming major release, v18.1, the DevExtreme hybrid mobile-related tools will be deprecated and placed in to maintenance mode. However, we plan to support creating mobile apps through...
  • 2/26/2018
    Last week, on Wednesday and Thursday, was the Microsoft Tech Summit (MTS) at the Messe Frankfurt. Hall 3 to be precise. And you had to be precise: although the Messe is a sprawling convention center with six halls, let alone the concert hall (pictured...
  • 2/26/2018
    Last week, John and I put up our awesome booth in the Marriot Hotel and Conference center in the city center of Frankfurt, Germany. We had lots of talks with prospects and existing customers. I did quite a number of demos on DevExtreme with Angular as...
  • 2/22/2018
    With the v17.2.5 minor release, DevExtreme now provides you the first community localizations for Spanish (es) and Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)...
  • 2/20/2018
    Just a quick note to say that the DevExpress team are in Frankfurt this week to support two events: BASTA! and Microsoft Tech Summit . Luckily the events are right next door to each other: the first at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel and the second, over...
  • 2/14/2018
    In the next major release of DevExpress (v18.1), we are dropping support for Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and 10 in DevExtreme...
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  • 2/14/2018
    Another 30 day sprint, another CodeRush release for Visual Studio. And this release includes a powerful new feature we’ve been working on that we think you’ll love. Let’s get right into it: Smart Duplicate Selection CodeRush’s Smart Duplicate Line (SDL...
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