• 11/10/2017
    The DevExtreme MVC Controls work great with the ASP.NET Core 2.0 framework but what if you've got an existing project?...
  • 11/10/2017
    The first Beta version of the DevExtreme React Grid is now available! We have already talked about some new features of the React Grid in our recent blog posts. If you’ve missed them, you can follow these links to read about the Material Design integration...
  • 11/10/2017
    In the v17.2 release, DevExpress Reporting has taken a big step to simplify the report creation process for end-users and introduced a new way for providing data to report controls and shaping data. Instead of using data bindings as in earlier versions...
  • 11/9/2017
    When we started developing DevExtreme back in 2012, jQuery was the de-facto library everybody used. It gave us the possibility to create a set of feature-rich widgets such as the DataGrid , TreeList , Scheduler and more in a short time-frame. If we take...
  • 11/8/2017
    In the next major release, v17.2, we're adding some great new features to the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView...
  • 11/8/2017
    Ever since .NET Core was first released, we have had requests to support XPO, our object/relational mapping solution , on the platform. Today I can finally announce that support is available – .NET Standard 2.0 made it possible! Getting started We have...
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  • 11/7/2017
    In the v17.2 release, we're introducing a powerful new widget that helps your end-users to build complex filter criteria: the DevExtreme Filter Builder widget...
  • 11/3/2017
    Hearing customer stories about real-world usage of our controls is a treat. That's why I was happy to read about ISDK Information Systems use of our excellent client-side JavaScript library: DevExtreme...
  • 11/3/2017
    Since the first DevExtreme release, we shipped the product with a generic theme in both light and dark color schemes. We wanted to avoid color accents so the widgets would fit in any design. For us this meant that we needed to customize quite a bit in...
  • 11/3/2017
    In v17.2 of our WinForms Charts, we’ve added some useful features that both of you, the developer, and your end-users might appreciate. Criteria Based Filtering The Chart control already supported filtering on series, but in this release we have replaced...
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