• 2/8/2017
    One really useful Refactoring provided by CodeRush for Roslyn is “ ForEach to Linq ” This refactoring is available whenever you have a ForEach that is iterating over a master list and attempting to select either a subset, or a single item, from that list...
  • 2/3/2017
    Back in October 2016, I announced the availability of sample project source code to accompany our online training classes . We have had lots of positive feedback about this step, but there have also been a few common stumbling blocks that I would like...
  • 1/31/2017
    In our presentation today (available on YouTube ), I promised to include the source code and links, here they all are :) Click the link for more information on: SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics FontAwesome SVG Paths DevExpress Diagram Control documentation...
  • 1/30/2017
    The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit installer now supports the release candidate of Visual Studio 2017. And we'd like your help to test our installer and give us your feedback. Visual Studio 2017 RC Microsoft announced the release candidate for Visual...
  • 1/29/2017
    Last week, Julian and I presented " Getting started with the DevExpress Diagram control ", and the response was overwhelming. As promised, this week we will be digging deeper and looking at how to: - Build diagrams programatically - Import custom...
  • 1/23/2017
    It's finally here! The DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap controls preview that many of you been waiting for is now available to download and try in your ASP.NET WebForms project. Please note: This is release is a CTP (community technology preview) and...
  • 1/23/2017
    Last week, John Martin and I were at the NDC London Conference held at the ExCel Arena in London . I guess .NET Core is really starting to take off now because I gave a lot of demos of our DevExtreme MVC package which runs perfectly on .NET Core . Besides...
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  • 1/23/2017
    After my recent update about spatial data in conjunction with XPO , I heard that we also have requests about the DateTimeOffset type that's been available in the .NET Framework for a long time. I decided to create a quick example along the same lines...
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  • 1/19/2017
    The DevExtreme v16.2.4 release is now available and with it comes the official support for the Angular 2 framework . This means that you can use: Angular CLI and Webpack that help you to bootstrap a new project and quickly add the powerful DevExtreme...
  • 1/17/2017
    We at DevExpress write controls, components and frameworks. Before we make them available to our customer base, they are integrated into our internal applications for that extra battle-hardened test: can we ourselves use these libraries and tools? Obviously...
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