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  • NDC London is happening this week

    This week, NDC London is happening and DevExpress is proud to be supporting the NDC London event as a partner for the third year in a row.


    Like the previous conferences, we’ll be serving serving all kinds of fresh brewed coffee at our booth while showing you some awesome demos.

    While you’re in line for a coffee, don’t forget to collect a raffle ticket to win a platform subscription of choice or one of the other gadgets.

    I hope to see you in London!

  • Thank you for joining the Rotterdam Meetup

    Tuesday, December 6th, we had our Meetup in Rotterdam. The Meetup took place in a historical shipyard/museum in the Delftshaven area.


    We had conversations with quite a number of XAF developers. We furthermore discussed matters, ideas and feedback on DevExtreme, WinForms, ASP.NET MVC and even VCL!

    2016-12-06 17.41.08IMG_1623IMG_1614IMG_1616IMG_1617IMG_1619IMG_1621IMG_1618image

    John filled up the goodie bags with some nice swag for everyone, and I am pretty sure everybody had a good time – at least I did.

    I’d like to thank all of you attending to the Meetup, and do let me know if you have suggestions for other locations in Europe.

  • DevExpress Meetup in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Next week, on December 6th 2016, we have our second Dutch meetup, this time in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Developer Advocate John Martin and I will be hosting this meetup again, and we love to meet you and hear what you’re doing with our technology and get your feedback.


    We still have some room available for this free event so if you want to come over, make sure you register via EventBrite.

    The meetup will take place from 18:00h – 20:00h CET with free beer and snacks at:

    Partycentrum Het Boegbeeld
    Schiehaven 15
    3024 EC Rotterdam
    View Map

    I hope to see you in Rotterdam!

  • Impressions from DevIntersection Europe 2016

    Last week, we were part of DevIntersection Europe. We talked with a lot of attendees and showed quite some cool demos on DevExtreme, MVC, WinForms and WPF. I also demoed some of the CodeRush features because we were showing our awesome new CodeRush video.

    There was quite some interest for DevExtreme with Angular 2 because of some sessions on Angular as well as a full day workshop. The last day I presented two sessions myself, and at the end of the day I had some interesting conversations about the announcements done earlier by Microsoft at the Connect(); conference.

    Below is a small impression on the event:


    We like to thank all of you stopping by our booth.

  • Meetup impressions in Haarlem

    At November 15th, we had our first meetup at “De Philharmonie” in Haarlem, The Netherlands.


    In this beautiful building, we had some drinks and good conversations. It was nice that there was variety in technologies being used so I talked about WinForms, WPF, MVC, XPO, XAF, DevExtreme and dotnet Core. A couple of customers were investigating technologies for upcoming projects.

    Because of that we decided to do an ad-hoc presentation specific to the questions of our customers. I highlighted some features of DevExtreme, the powerful scaffolding features for WinForms and WPF and finalized the session with some info on what to expect in the near future from both Microsoft and DevExpress.








    We’d like to thank all of you who joined us.

  • DevIntersection Europe is around the corner


    From November 14th till November 16th, DevIntersection Europe is being held in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Guess what…? DevExpress is sponsoring this great conference.

    If you check the awesome speaker line-up, you’ll see that I will do 2 sessions as well, so you’re invited to join me. To make it even more attractive to attend, I have a special discount code you can use when purchasing the tickets and you’ll save 10% on your ticket!

    John and I will be there with our booth giving demos and handing out T-Shirts and other goodies. We will be raffling off some cool prizes like a platform subscription of choice every day.

    If you’re there, make sure to come by our booth to say hello and get your raffle ticket!

  • DevExpress Meetups in the Netherlands

    Over the coming weeks, DevExpress is organizing a few informal meetups with our clients. They will give you an opportunity to talk with me directly, let me know what you’re doing with our controls and tools, and give me feedback on features and areas that we could improve.

    John Martin, our Developer Advocate, and I will be hosting these events and the only thing they will cost you is a bit of time. We shall be taking care of providing the beer and snacks!

    We are organizing 2 meetups in The Netherlands and we hope to see many of you.

    So far we have the following meetups planned:


    Time Location
    November 15th 17:00h – 21:00h Haarlem
    December 6th 18:00h – 20:00h Rotterdam

    To make sure we have enough capacity we would like you to register for free through Eventbrite.

    If any of these locations are too far from you, let me know and we certainly consider adding new meetups.

  • Watch the webinar on how to get started with our MVVM Framework for WinForms

    Recently, I did a webinar “Rock Your WinForms Apps with DevExpress MVVM".


    In the webinar, I showed you what MVVM is all about and how to apply this design pattern on your WinForms applications by using our framework.

    You can re-watch the recording on YouTube, were you will see some of the powerful designtime and runtime features. The project being built in the webinar is available on GitHub. If you want to perform unit tests on your ViewModel like I mentioned, check out the WPF counterpart on my GitHub account. It has a test project in the solution to give you an idea on how to test your code.

    If you have any questions, leave a reaction, email or tweet me.

  • Impressions from .NET Developer Days Poland

    Last week, we were proud to be a gold sponsor of .NET Developer Days in Warsaw, Poland.

    John, Ivan, Tatyana and I were manning our booth where we talked with lots of people, handed out T-Shirts and other goodies and gave some cool demos of our products.

    Amongst other great sessions, I presented 3 sessions as well.

    We’d like to thank the organizers and attendees for making this such a great event!

  • DevExpress at BASTA! Fall 2016

    This week DevExpress is proud to be Gold Sponsor at the BASTA! conference in Mainz, Germany. John, Oliver and I are there with our awesome booth and lots of give-aways.


    Oliver and I are both speaking at the conference. More info about our sessions can be found at and

    We will be doing daily raffles where you can win a nice gadget like this can-racer or a platform subscription of choice!


    Tonight we will be sponsoring the Pit-Stop event. The person who takes the least amount of time changing the tire, walks off with this nice RC racing car.


    Make sure to visit our booth at Basta!

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