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  • All about frameworks

    Hi everyone!


    My name is Apostolis Bekiaris and I have just joined Developer Express as a Framework Evangelist (Gary! Hang in there, you're not alone anymore!)

    In the world of computer programming, software framework is an abstraction in which generic functionality provided by the core can be selectively (and, in good framework, efficiently) overridden by user code to provide specific functionality. Frameworks are also supposed to have a well-defined API and have special features that distinguish them from standard code libraries.

    In other words, if you writing your code from scratch and by hand, your project is more likely to be pushed out of the market provided it can reach it in the first place.

    My job will consist of two parts, where I will be able to utilize all my experience with both XAF and XPO.

    1. I will make sure that new additions in the frameworks camp do not escape your attention, and show how they can be applied in real world scenarios.
    2. Will also be putting existing features through their paces exposing hidden secrets and advanced functionality for already expert people out there.

    Remember though, that both for Gary and me it will be several times harder to achieve all that if we do not work as a team where YOU will assist us with your suggestions, comments, and criticism whenever we deserve some! Lets do some work together!


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