DevExpress Dashboard – Rich Text Editor

As you may already know, our Web Dashboard now allows you to use the DevExpress Rich Text Editor to modify rich text directly within its Text Box item:

You can enable this functionality within your Web Dashboard by installing the appropriate Rich Text Editor scripts. To learn more about install requirements, please refer to the following help topic:

Once you’ve installed the scripts, you can enable the Rich Text Editor within the Text Box item’s Options menu:

The DevExpress Rich Text Editor includes the following features/capabilities:

  • Text formatting
  • Tables support
  • Links
  • Images
  • Document import/export (docx, rtf, txt)
  • and more...

You can bind the Web Dashboard’s Text Box to data and use these data items within the Editor to display values from a data source:

Text Box Usage Scenarios

The Text Box item below displays summarized bug report information. Key performance indicators also serve as a color legend for the Chart dashboard item:

The Text Box below displays static text with a demo description:

This Text Box item displays detailed information for a given product:


To experience the capabilities of our Web Dashboard and Text Box item, please refer to the following demos or help topics.


Your Feedback Counts

Should you have any questions about this feature, please post your comments below. We’ll be happy to follow up.

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2 comment(s)
Jose Isga
Jose Isga

Really Great!!!

Thank you.

6 February 2020
Daniel Hall 5
I didn't know about this.  This is pretty cool and solves the problem of having to create custom widgets.  I would love to see it have the ability to add RAW HTML in there as well.
8 February 2020

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