Dashboard Desktop - Async Enhancement

As you may know, we’ve been improving DevExpress Dashboard’s asynchronous data processing capabilities in recent release cycles. We continue to invest resources in this area and thanks to some great feedback, we’ve further improved asynchronous data processing for supported desktop platforms (WinForms / WPF).

v20.1.6 includes the following Async-related changes to our Dashboard’s desktop controls (WinForms Dashboard Designer and Dashboard Viewer, WPF Dashboard Control).

What Has Changed?

We removed data calculations and data requests from the UI thread. With v20.1.6, Desktop Dashboard controls execute these operations without UI thread locking. To explore the impact of this change, simply...

  • Open a Dashboard
    Dashboard initial opening - loading indicators
  • Change the DashboardParameter value
    Changing a dashboard parameter value
  • Call the ReloadDataAsync method
    Dashboard data reloading
  • As you can see in the animations above, the Dashboard’s interface is no longer locked and it now displays a loading indicator to provide visual feedback to end users.

    This change is available out-of-the-box and does not require any modifications to your code.


    Before we let you go, please take a moment to share your thoughts on this implementation and tell us more about the platforms you currently target.

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    Chris Royle (LOB)
    Chris Royle (LOBS)
    Is this functionality exposed / available within XAF ?
    21 July 2020
    Margarita Zakhodyaeva
    Margarita Z (DevExpress)
    Hi Chris! Thank you for your interest. Yes, we support this feature for XAF as well. You can use the DashboardsWindowsFormsModule.AsyncMode property to enable Async mode.
    24 July 2020

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