DevExpress Dashboard – 2021 Roadmap

In this post, we’ll summarize DevExpress Dashboard-related development plans for 2021 and hopefully address some of your questions along the way. Should you require additional information on a specific feature, please post your comment below. We’ll be happy to follow-up.

Blazor Web Dashboard Wrapper (v21.1)

Many of you have asked us to bring DevExpress Dashboard to Microsoft’s Blazor framework. In our first major update this year, we expect to ship a Web Dashboard wrapper so you can quickly integrate DevExpress Dashboard in your Blazor application. A few items of note:

Most Web Dashboard options will be accessible using the .NET API.

For advanced customization scenarios, you will be able to fine-tune Web Dashboard using JavaScript.

Dashboard Viewer and Dashboard Designer – Enhanced Layout Capabilities (v21.2)

We hope to extend the Dashboard’s layout capabilities and ship new layout options to help improve adaptivity and content scrolling. We want to make certain to addresses a variety of usage scenarios, so if your app requires a custom layout, please take a moment to describe your requirements below. We will certainly take your needs into account as we refine our new layout mode and layout customization API.

WinForms Dashboard - Custom Dashboard Item (v21.1)

We introduced the Dashboard’s Web Custom Item in our v17.1 release cycle. This feature has proven to be quite popular among users. In our next major update, we’ll extend this and allow you to construct Custom Dashboard Items for your WinForms application. If you already have a custom item in your Web Dashboard application and plan to migrate it to the WinForms platform – feel free to contact us and share your current implementation. We will do our best to make certain your custom extension can be integrated into our WinForms Dashboard.

Data Source Enhancements

An easy way to copy Calculated Fields to Federated Data Source (v21.1)

End-users who generate a Federated Data Source using the WinForms Data Federation Wizard will be able to copy calculated field definitions from their original data sources to DashboardFederationDataSource.

OLAP Mode: MDX queries optimization (v21.2)

Our goal is to optimize generated MDX queries and enhance performance when loading nested hierarchies from an OLAP cube. This should improve data loading performance for most common OLAP data source operations.

New MongoDB Data Source (v21.1)

You will be able to bind dashboards to a MongoDB database. The new data source will allow you to select the desired database name, document collection name, and define the appropriate server-side filtering clause.

Under Consideration

Features listed below are not yet targeted to a specific major release. We will keep this 2021 roadmap post up-to-date as we finalize our plans and release new functionality throughout this year.

Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time data processing plays a crucial role for many of our users. As such, we expect to introduce a series of API enhancements and customization options to better address needs in this area. The following enhancements will make it possible to display real-time data within DevExpress Dashboard:

  • Re-designed and customizable loading indicators.
  • Enhanced data processing methods.
  • New Cache management API.

A Non-Visual Dashboard Export component for all supported platforms

This new export component will benefit anyone who wishes to incorporate automated (scheduled) printing/export functionality within their desktop app or in a Windows Service environment. Our existing ASPxDashboardExporter component already supports silent export mode, but it also requires you to add references to Web assemblies for a desktop application. The use of a new cross-platform export component will minimize external dependencies. 

Per-Monitor V2 support

Since many desktop applications are currently deployed across multiple scale factor & DPI environments, our Dashboard needs to be updated to use per-monitor DPI awareness mode. This is especially important at HighDPI resolutions or when you use a FullHD laptop together with an external HighDPI screen.

New String.Join (String.Concat) Aggregation

We will create a new aggregation function that concatenates strings from a data source to a single string value with a delimiter.

Web Dashboard – Material Design Theme Support

To keep up to date with modern Web design guidelines, we will introduce the DevExtreme Material Design theme to our Web Dashboard.

Your Feedback Counts

Please let us know your thoughts in the fields below. We will be more than happy to follow-up should you wish to discuss your needs further.

The information contained within this blog post details our current/projected development plans. Please note that this information is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and does not represent a binding commitment on the part of Developer Express Inc. This roadmap and the features/products listed within it are subject to change. You should not rely on or use this information to help make a purchase decision about Developer Express Inc products.

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