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Hope you’re doing well. As you may know, a couple of years ago we introduced custom item support for DevExpress Web Dashboards (v17.1). Many of you have asked us to add this capability to our WinForms Dashboard. The good news is that in our next major update, we’ll officially ship custom item support for the WinForms Dashboard.

What is a custom dashboard item you ask? Custom items allow you to embed any WinForms control into DevExpress Dashboard. Custom Dashboard Items integrate and support the functionality available for built-in dashboard items. The following is a brief summary of what you can expect when using Custom Dashboard Items:


You can create Master Filtering and Drill-Down interactivity for your Custom Dashboard Item. The animated image below demonstrates use of Multiple Master Filter mode for a Custom Sankey Diagram item:


DevExpress Dashboard exports data via reports. You can use report XRControls to export Custom Dashboard Items that wrap DevExpress controls. Note: if you use a third-party control that does not natively support our Printing Library, it can be exported as an image instead.


Custom Dashboard Items support the same color settings as other dashboard items. The Dashboard Designer associates dimension values/measures and specified colors to paint item elements as needed. This allows you to maintain consistent coloring across all dashboard items. The following animated image illustrates use of a Custom Sankey Diagram with color variation enable. Exporter dimension values are painted by Hue. You can edit colors using the Color Scheme dialog.

Your Feedback Matters

Please tell us which of the following DevExpress WinForms UI components you are likely to use within your Dashboard (via Custom Dashboard Items):

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