WinForms Dashboard - Custom item Extensions

In our most recent release (v21.1), we published a public API that allows you to embed any WinForms control into the DevExpress BI Dashboard. The primary advantage of this API and our Custom Dashboard Items, is the ability to leverage the functionality available for built-in dashboard items, including support for the following:

  • Interactivity
  • Coloring
  • Export
  • To learn more about Custom Dashboard Items, please refer to our announcement post.

    Based on previous survey results, we recently created a set of highly requested custom DevExpress Dashboard items.

  • Custom Funnel item
  • Custom Gantt item
  • Custom Sankey item
  • Custom Sunburst item
  • Custom Tree List item
  • Custom Waypoint Map item
  • Custom Gannt Item
  • Custom Web Page Item
  • These item samples are available as an example on GitHub. This example demonstrates usage/extensibility of our WinForms Dashboard controls:

    Feel free to configure/reference the source code for use within your project. Should you wish to modify our sample custom dashboard items or use them as a base for your own items, refer to the following GitHub repository: Dashboard for WinForms - Custom Item Extensions.

    You can also integrate these custom items “as-is” if you install the following NuGet package:


    See the following tutorials to create a custom item from scratch: Custom Item Tutorials.

    Note: DevExpress Dashboard ships as part of the DevExpress Universal Subscription. Should you wish to upgrade an existing subscription to DevExpress Universal, please email for assistance.

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