BI Dashboard — Create Dashboards in Visual Studio Desktop .NET Apps (v22.1)

With our upcoming release (v22.1), we’ve addressed dashboard design-time limitations for those targeting .NET 5+ (you no longer need to use auxiliary projects). You can now create, design, and display dashboards in a single .NET WPF or WinForms Dashboard Viewer application for .NET 5+ with ease.

BI Dashboard - Visual Studio Report Designer (.NET 6)

Main Features

The following capabilities are now available at design time for .NET 5+:

  • Make changes to existing dashboard classes or save XML files with a dashboard definition for use later, at runtime.
  • Preview results before you run the application and display this dashboard in the Dashboard Viewer.
  • Design newly generated dashboards.
  • Connect a dashboard to all supported data sources.
  • Leverage the functionality/capabilities available in our BI Dashboard’s integrated Ribbon toolbar.
  • Use Grid, Chart, Pivot, and other dashboard items to display data as needed.

Note: If your dashboard is populated with data at runtime, you will still see the associated dashboard layout and will be able to interact with individual elements:

BI Dashboard - Empty Dashboard


If you are new to DevExpress BI Dashboard and our Dashboard Designer, please review the following help topic Visual Studio Dashboard Designer (.NET).

If you are ready to create and design dashboards with the DevExpress Dashboard Designer, be sure to review the following articles:

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Your Feedback Counts

We'd love to hear more from you. If you've used Dashboards in the past, please tell us about the preferred dashboard creation way in your apps:

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