DevExpress BI Dashboard — Material Design Support — Early Access Preview (v22.2)

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In our upcoming major release (v22.2), Material Design support will allow you to display a dashboard in an application that follows Material Design guidelines. This will allow you to maintain a solid design across the entire app.

Web Dashboard components are built atop our JavaScript component suite (DevExtreme).

DevExpress Web Dashboard

DevExtreme supports two theme sets: original and compact. The original DevExtreme Material themes are great for mobile UI or touch-friendly interfaces (they use large editors, buttons, and tall data grid rows).

Unfortunately, default-sized elements are not always helpful for high-density interfaces such as our DevExpress BI Dashboard (since business dashboards tend to be focused on/ working with/ displaying a lot of data).

Considering this, we decided to focus our efforts on the compact Material theme: the original version is not able to retain information detail because of increased spacing between basic elements. In the compact version, we have decreased indents, icons, and font sizes. Since these elements are smaller, you will be able to show more information on the same screen when compared to the original material theme.

Your Feedback Counts — An Original or Compact Theme?

Please be sure to use the survey below to submit your feedback on this subject.

Online Demo

We published an online demo to illustrate our intermediate results: DevExpress BI Dashboard – Material Design Demo. Please use the theme selector drop down in the right upper corner to explore the appearance of the DevExpress Web Dashboard when using different Material themes:

The team and I would love to hear your feedback on our implementation. Feel free to create a Support Center ticket and let us know what you think.

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