The First 2 Weeks

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08 December 2006

After 2 weeks I am getting use to my new postion here as a Technical Evangelist at Developer Express for our ASP.Net Suite of offerings. Yes, its only 2 weeks and I'm already linking.

It is a very exciting time here as we gearing up our features for the next big release. Developer Express is taking some key steps towards improving an already great line up of components.

I hope to bring you all the latest happenings with our ASP.Net Suite as well as screencasts, demos, etc.

Let me know what you would like to see out of this ASP.Net specific blog.  I welcome and appreciate the feedback.

Thank you,


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Jon Scolamiero
I would like to vote for efficiency suggestions and examples on how to squeeze every last ounce of efficiency out of the ASP.NET controls.

18 December 2006

Who knows?

27 June 2007

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