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12 December 2006

So being new to the company, I am myself just getting familiar with our large product offerings.  And as I was going around the website, code and demos. I thought it would be nice to let everyone know what we currently have and find out what you would like to see. Now I did see from one of Oliver's perious posts, some requests for creating an app from the ground-up and build it using our products. I think this is a great suggestion and one I'll work towards getting you sometime in the near future.

As for demos/screencasts/quickstarts:

For the ASPxGrid we have a psuedo-screencast that has no narration but does allow you to follow at your own pace by clicking through the screenshots. This has the advantage of not having to pause as you try to follow along at the same pace. The quickstart demostrates one of my favorite features of the ASPxGrid, the property editor that easily allows you edit the various settings of the grid. All the power of the grid in one easy place to modify.

For the ASPxControls(ASPxMenu,ASPxNavBar,ASPxPopupContro,ASPxSiteMapContro,ASPxTabControl) we have a demo that lets you test drive the controls live through our website.

Need a quickstart to create a Web Report with our XtraReports Suite? Check out Lesson 5 here:

Not sure what kind of chart you need from our XtraCharts? Try this live demo:

Anyways, this is good introduction for anyone looking to get a demo/quickstart to our ASP.Net product offerings.

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