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February 2007 - Posts

  • Help me, help you

    One of the key responsibilites of an evangelist is about customer relations. Reaching out to the customer, getting you exicted about our technologies, discussing your concerns, and generally just to be helpful as possible. So to follow up with a post of my own as Julian as done, I'm posting my contact information.

    As Julian stated in an earlier post, I am also here for your questions and concerns. So if you need to reach me here are 2 ways. Email is my most preferred form of contact but if prefer talking to me personally then you can also reach me by cell phone.

    Cell: +1 702 622 2051 

    I am on Pacific Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-08:00). Generally, you can reach me between morning and/or afternoon hours (PST).

    I don't want to repeat what he Julian has already said about Client Services issues. But if I can be of some help with a technical issue or support concern, then I can definetly do my best to help you. Admittely, I may not have all the answers but I will do my best to assist you.

  • XtraCharts Screencasts

    I might have said it before but if not, I love screencasts. They are a great way quickly learn a product's feature(s) and/or expericence how easy the product can be once you see it in action.

    Well, I've just finished narrating some good screenscasts on our XtraCharts Suite.

    I think you'll find them interesting and informative. You can find the lessons ** Here **.

    The lessons are around 5 mins each and cover various topics that range in difficulty from the basics to more advanced usage.

    Here is a breakdown:

    Lesson 1: Creating a Chart
    The first lesson demonstrates you how to create a simple chart. You will get acquainted with its visual elements, and add a series of points to it. This tutorial is very helpful as a general visual introduction to our charting component.

    Lesson 2: Bind a Chart to Data Using Templates
    This lesson shows you how to bind a ChartControl to data. We will use an MS Access sample database as the datasource. The data display customization will be done through series templates.

    Lesson 3: Binding an Individual Series to Data
    The purpose of this lesson is to show you how to bind a ChartControl to data, so that each data series is bound individually to a particular datasource.

    Lesson 4: Creating a Web Chart Application
    In this lesson we will create a simple Web application that uses a WebChartControl. The chart will be bound to a MS Access sample database, with chart data filters used to select series data.

    Lesson 5: Using Secondary Axes
    This lesson is intended to explain the purpose of secondary axes in XtraCharts. It shows you how to create secondary axes, and also several tips on how to improve a chart's visual appearance.  

    I hope you enjoy them and if you have suggestions or would like to see other screencasts, just let me know.


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