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29 July 2007

Stylish, Wider and Faster

We just overhauled the Developer Express homepage to make it more useful and relevant for you.

You can see the new homepage here.


You'll also notice that the page is much wider than used to be. Looking at the Google stats, most of you are using much wider displays now. The previous page was good but because displays have changed it was time for the homepage to change as well.

A responsive website is still one of your top concerns. Therefore, the new page loads even faster now.

So, what's new?

What do you usually like to see when you get to any company's homepage? 

The information and/or links to the information that is relevant to you. Whether it's about a product, download, support issue, latest news, blog entry, trial, or a demo.

Let's take a look some of the new sections:

Latest product highlights


You'll find the latest product/feature banners. These aren't the random Google ads you'll find on other sites. In fact, no where on our site will you find such ads. These ads aim to showcase the latest and greatest.

Announcements, Support & Community, Demos & Resources


The Latest News brings you the short, quick, get-to-the-point announcements.

The returning clients will find the Support & Community section very helpful. Support & Community brings the common links for you to find answers.

When you're looking for hands-on product information and/or demos, you can easily find them under Demos & Resources.

Blogs Now Front and Center!


This next section is a favorite of mine because it highlights our blogs. Yes, the same blogs you're reading now. With the blogs you'll find the transparency. The voice that speaks and listens to you.

You'll also find the more expanded news items. Like our recent awards from TechEd or asp.netPro magazine.

Product and Subscriptions


You'll find the our product and subscription links here. Conveniently arranged for you into the different technology categories.

In Search of...


You can still our Search and Main Menu at the top. There isn't much that has changed here. In fact, there are plans currently to improve the searching capabilities. How? Well by incorporating technology from the king of searches but more on that later.

These changes are all meant for one purpose, better serving you, the customer.

How do you like the new layout?

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The following free DevExpress product offers remain available. Should you have any questions about the free offers below, please submit a ticket via the DevExpress Support Center at your convenience. We'll be happy to follow-up.
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