ASPxGrid: Should You Upgrade to ASPxGridView?

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31 July 2007

If you're currently using the ASPxGrid then you might have wondered if you should transition from the ASPxGrid to the ASPxGridView.

Please note that if you're currently using the ASPxGrid then conversion will not be easy and we recommend that you only switch when ready.

The ASPxGrid has been around for a few years now and even though it's been deprecated as of the v2007 vol 2 release, it will continue to be supported for the indefinite future. What that means is that you can continue to use the ASPxGrid secure in the knowledge that support will help you and that any bugs you find will either be fixed or worked around. Note that enhancements will no longer be made to the ASPxGrid.

But if you want to upgrade to the ASPxGridView then what are your options?


Unfortunately, there is no ConvertFromASPxGrid method. Why not? Simply because the two grids are very different by design and operate in fundamentally different ways.

When you're converting any project from one grid to another grid, you are in for a bit of work. It's not a trivial task to simply replace the ASPxGrid with the ASPxGridView.

Help is on the way

Our excellent support department, myself and others are here to help you figure out the new ASPxGridView so you can transition your project to take full advantage of the ASPxGridView.

Should you switch?

For new/rewrite projects, the answer is an absolute Yes!

However, if you have heavily invested in the ASPxGrid in your current projects and there is little or no time to convert them, then no.

The ASPxGridView offers many more advantages that are well worth the effort and time it takes to convert.

Where's the Designer?


Fans of the ASPxGrid will know the designer quite well. The designer is invoked from the ASPxGrid's smart tag. Oddly enough, it was created to solve some of the shortcomings of the ASPxGrid. However, it turned out that many of you liked the designer.

The designer has not been recreated for the ASPxGridView and there no plans to recreate it.

While you may miss the designer, you'll find that it's not necessary with the ASPxGridView. Take a look at the smart tag and properties window from the ASPxGridView:

image image

Notice how the most common tasks are easily available through the smart tag?

In fact, the overall API for the ASPxGridView has been vastly improved so you'll easily find the properties categorized within the Visual Studio properties window.

How do I call [this] method in ASPxGridView?

If you cannot find a particular method/property or you're having trouble converting your project then simply ask us. In the coming months we're planning on publishing and maintaining an FAQ on grid conversion as your questions come in and we answer them.

Do you have any conversion concerns that you would like to see addressed?

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Bernard Simmons
Bernard Simmons

I've started taking down the road to convert from ASPxGrid to ASPxGridView and for the most part the conversion is progressing relatively easy.

Now, I don't have a lot of client side javascript code and that is making my job easier. If I did I would probably have not started this effort.

The approach that I took was to drop the new ASPxGridView onto the page with existing ASPxGrid(s) and duplicate the functionality a bit at a time from the old grid to the new.

All but two of my Grids are populated via ObjectDatasources that receive data from Web Service Methods that I wrote. Most of my Grids are read only but the ones which allow Edit/Update/Delete seem to be working fine.

You'll also notice for some reason when you add the ASPxGridView control and bind it to the same datasource the existing ASPxGrid control is using, only the new grid gets populated with data. Since I'm converting it was not worth creating a support issue.

The biggest problem that I ran into was when I added ASPxGridView to a page that had a ASPxGrid I found that I had to also convert any ASPxListBox and ASPxComboBox controls from the ASPxDataControls variety to the ASPxEditor variety. What appears to happen is instead of the ASPxDataControl based javascript being generated, ASPxEditor based javascript is generated and this will generate a run time error for missing properties and methods. I am not sure exactly what triggers this but once I discovered it I knew what to do. Also if you have embedded a Combo Box in one of your ASPxGrids you have to disable populating it also. Again, since I'm converting it was not worth creating a support issue.

I'm currently down to the last few ASPxGrids that I need to convert. I have encountered a problem with the two Grids that I populate via a Datable that I generate dynamically. I plan to move this code into WebService which should eliminate this problem.

All of the developers, tester and managers in my company who have seen the new ASPxGridViews in action are very pleased with the SPEED, look and feel, in place editing, filtering and DID I mention SPEED. I like the simplicity of programming the ASPxGridView. I often times found myself getting lost is the maze 10,000 options provided by the ASPxGrid.

I know that I will miss the old ASPxLookAndFeelController and the ASPxButton but as far as I can tell the gain far out weights what is lost. I'm not 100% done and the WebApplication will not leave my PC until next week for Testing, but so far very, very GOOD!

My recommendation is if you can make the move.

Bernard Simmons

Sr. Database Developer

eProduction Solutions

a Weatherford Company

1 August 2007
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Bernard,

I'm impressed with the way you've approached this conversion. Sounds very thorough. I'll refer others to this approach as it may help them too.

Glad to hear that you like the performance as it is one of the fastest grids on the market.

The good news is that the ASPxButton will be back in a future release. While completing the ASPxGridView & Editors Library, there just wasn't enough time.

Yes, there are things about the ASPxGrid I'll miss also. But the new Styles implementation is so much better than the clunky method of the ASPxGrid. I'll probably do a blog post on it.

1 August 2007
Bruce L. Scheffler
Bruce L. Scheffler

Converting a grid might work out fine but how about a stand alone form.  Since I use all the different editors to maintain the form, I am up the creek without a paddle, how do we handle that?

5 August 2007

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