Dogfooding the ASPxperience

01 August 2007

We use our own controls all over the website. They make the site look smooth and professional without a lot of effort. Our homepage is a great example, let's take a look at where ASPx controls are used on the DevExpress homepage:


1. ASPxMenu - At the top.


This menu is also used through out the site as the main navigation control. (Check out this Screencast that shows how to change the menu to look like the Office 2007 Ribbon control)


2. ASPxHeadline - Part of our ASPxNewsControl


The ASPxHeadline control is fully customizable and can be bound to XML files as well.


3. ASPxNavBar


The ASPxNavBar can display icons in a number of different ways.


4. ASPxRoundPanel - Used for entire middle section


The ASPxRoundPanel can emulate just about any round panel look, even MacOS!


5. ASPxNavBar - Used with collapsible groups


The ASPxNavBar can even be configured to dynamically load each group with a callback.


That's four we use on the homepage, we've got our components all over the site. I'll probably write more on that later but for now you can check out the demos and try them all out.

The ASPx controls get a serious workout on our homepage. It gets the most traffic and the controls never skip a beat.

Where are you using the DevExpress controls on your site?

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Steven Rasmussen

Looks great!!!  I just can't wait until the support center and search results start using the new ASPxGridView... hint...hint.... :)

1 August, 2007
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks Steve,

That's a great idea and I'd like to see that also. I'll discuss it with the team.

1 August, 2007
Renaud Bompuis

I think you should mention somewhere on the main page that it was build using your own components.

The result is really nice.

1 August, 2007
Rollie Claro

Why am i not surprised? we are looking forward for the support center to upgrade as well. if you can use aspxGridView on the support center's list, then that would be great!

2 August, 2007
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks Renaud,

We're are considering putting a link somewhere on the homepage.


Thanks also for the faith in the tools.

I've made the ASPxGridView suggestion and hopefully we can accomplish this soon. I'd like to see us using the ASPxGridView there also.

2 August, 2007
Mike Hunsberger

I own your products but I use DotNetNuke.for my site. If I could use your controls with that life would be ideal... Telerik has it but I use all your Windows components too...


Mike H

2 August, 2007
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what's involved to use our components within DNN. You might try asking on the DNN forums if someone has used ASPxGridView and/or ASPxperience components in DNN.

Does anyone here have experience in integrating (DevExpress) components into DNN?

2 August, 2007
Jim Wilson

I would be interested in learning how to apply my DevExpress investment to DNN as well.

2 August, 2007
Darrel Schreyer

I have been doing some DNN integration. All has been working fine ... until last night.

Suddenly I keep on getting javascript errors on the page and I don't know why. Perhaps an httpHandler is not working quite right.

I have pretty much got most things working and it really is great.

Prepare to play quite a bit as there are some tweaks you have to do.

22 August, 2007

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