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03 August 2007


Refactor! For ASP.NET was released in May 2007 as free download.

You'll find 29 great refactorings (10 ASP.NET related) that you can use right away on your ASPX pages. The refactorings include:

  1. Add Validator
  2. Extract ContentPlaceHolder
  3. Extract ContentPlaceHolder (and create master page)
  4. Extract Style (Class)
  5. Extract Style (id)
  6. Extract to UserControl
  7. Move to Code-behind
  8. Move Style Attributes to CSS
  9. Rename Style
  10. Surround with Update Panel

You can find more information on each refactoring from Mark's excellent post. Make sure to check out the funny and informative 12 minute screencast on the ASP.NET refactorings.

Even the Microsoft ASP.NET Team has blogged their excitement about Refactor! For ASP.NET:

Note to Refactor! Pro Customers: You already have these refactorings available to you in the latest release.

So have you tried Refactor! for ASP.NET yet? How do you like it?


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