Case Study: TRI-S

30 August 2007

Want to see how and why others choose Developer Express tools? Want to see what type of applications they're creating with our tools?

Then check out our many case studies. In the coming weeks we'll bring you several more case studies like this one about TRI-S and DXperience.

Learn why TRI-S chose the DXperience Professional Suite to develop their flagship product, eXcelans.


TRI-S is an ISV in Belgium that has been providing their eXcelans framework for the financial and bookkeeping markets since 2007. With such a high quality of numerical precision that is required for the financial markets, TRI-S chose Developer Express's DXperience Professional Subscription to ensure their UI has the same high quality precision and is also up to their demanding customer's standards.

Read the full TRI-S Case Study.

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Marc Greiner [DX-Squad]

Hi Mehul;

Thanks for this information, always welcomed.

Please keep us informed of new case studies through your blog as I subscribed to the corresponding RSS.



31 August, 2007

Sorry for the mess, but the browser told me several times "Opps, an error occured" so I tried and tried and tried... until (over) success !

Well I guess now you know what I mean...


31 August, 2007
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Marc,

Thanks and we'll definitely publish more case studies like this one. There are a lot of compelling stories out there that you'll find interesting.

Btw, our server must've had a hiccup earlier. Thanks for all the comments but I had to trim them down. :-)

31 August, 2007

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