Case Study: Itagent chooses DXperience

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17 October 2007

Niko Suni from Itagent is very discerning when it comes to the 3rd party tools he uses for development:

"Past awards mean nothing to us, it is the performance and reliability in our own applications that determine whether we use certain tools or not."

Which is how Niko Suni and Itagent arrived at choosing DXperience for their ERP reporting application:

Developer Express Ribbon and Grid components are used for UI construction

Niko has developed a high confidence for Developer Express tools:

"As the Developer Express development tools are very reliable and robust, we simply achieve more in less time than our competitors. Once we drag and drop a Developer Express control to a form, it takes very little modification for the control to actually make said form production ready."

They have also gained productivity boosts from Refactor! Pro:

"The refactoring and code modifying tools help save immense amounts of time when prototyping, developing and refining back-end code, both new and old. Refactor! Pro enables us to easily promote prototype code to production-ready state, while encouraging robust development practices such as strong naming conventions and code complexity reducing."

Read the full Niko Suni from Itagent case study.

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