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25 October 2007

Today there are four new screencasts available that cover the some of the basics of getting started with the ASPxGridView. The lessons are all short, concise and to the point (under the 3 minute mark). The short length shows how easy the ASPxGridView is to setup for complex functionality like data editing, summaries, and master-detail layout.

The master-detail layout is very cool because you only need about one line of code to enable. The master-detail layout can be nested to an unlimited level with the ASPxGridView. Here are the direct links to launch the videos:

Lesson 1: Data Binding (2 min 41 sec)

The first lesson shows you some basics of setup and customization. You'll learn things like how to drop the ASPxGridView onto the form, bind it to data, enable row selection, data grouping, filtering and editing. You'll also see how to change the grid's overall appearance.

Lesson 2: Data Editing (2 min 02 sec)

This lesson dives further into the data editing capabilities of the ASPxGridView.

Lesson 3: Data Summaries (2 min 47 sec)

In this video, you'll learn how to display total and group summaries.

Lesson 4: Master-Detail Data Presentation (3 min 11 sec)

This lesson demonstrates how to use the ASPxGridView to display master-detail data with any number of detail levels and any number of details on each level.

Check out the screencasts and then let me know your thoughts here. Thanks!

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