Add scheduling to your website with ASPxScheduler

29 October 2007


Building scheduling capabilities into your application requires that you deliver features end-users have come to expect from today’s leading PIMs. An advanced scheduling system is not just about appearances but how information can be presented and processed by end-users in an efficient manner. Building upon the interface options introduced in Microsoft Outlook, the ASPxScheduler Suite gives you the ability to create a superior UI with unrivaled flexibility and design options.

The ASPxScheduler Suite is based on technology we developed for XtraScheduler for WinForms and it's rock solid. XtraScheduler's functionality was so handy that it now shares a common library with the ASPxScheduler. Of course, all the painting and web specific features are still provided by the ASPxScheduler. Features like the AJAX experience you've come to love with our other ASP.NET tools. To provide a consistent UI, the ASPxScheduler uses several of the controls from ASPxperience and ASPxGridView & Editors Library.

To provide rich scheduling features for your web application, use the ASPxScheduler control. Here was my first experience in using this control.

Download and install DXperience 2007 vol 3 Beta: 10 minutes (multitasking with email)

Launch Visual Studio 2005: 1 minute

Create a new website project: 1 minute

Drop an ASPxScheduler on the WebForm: 10-15 seconds

Here I was blown away at the great layout and design done by the team. Take a look, you have the 5 views at the top and also the entire day view:


To bind to a datasource, I recommend reading this topic from the help file to get you started: "How to: Bind an ASPxScheduler to Data at Design Time". The topic shows how to data bind to the CarsDB.mdb that's provided with our demos. It's also a good read to get started with the ASPxScheduler. (Topic can be found in this file:

Read and implement the topic: 30 minutes

Run the project. : 1 minute

After running the project, you get this impressive screen that displays the appointments in Work-week view:


The ASPxScheduler beta comes with one AutoFormat so let's see how it looks. Select the Glass theme, run the project and here's what the the month and work-week view look like:

image image

Finally, I wanted to see the experience for appointment creation so here is my oil change appointment for my (imaginary) Mercedes SL500:

image image

The ASPxScheduler's feature set is rich and long but here are some key features:

  • Built-In Date Views (5 in All)
  • Date Navigator Control
  • Appointment Capabilities
    • Recurrence
    • Conflict checking
  • Multiple Resources Display
    • Group by date or resource
    • Resource filtering
  • End-User Capabilities
    • Resizing and moving appointments
    • Built-in popup menus
  • Customization
    • Localization

Current DXperience customers can download the preview beta now from your Client Center account. The official release will come in a few weeks with DXperience 2007 vol 3.

Have you tried the ASPxScheduler yet?

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Lieven Bogaert

Would it be possible for me to adjust the functionality to say scheduling meeting room occupancy or machine utilisation planning where instead of a person's agenda, one can select eg a machine and instead of a meeting, one can assign jobs to this machine?

29 October, 2007
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29 October, 2007
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Lieven,

The ASPxScheduler does support <a href=''>multiple resources display</a>. Can you email me and please describe in detail the scenario and I'll find out if it's possible?


29 October, 2007
Developer Express - TechSummit 2007 - day 2 at The Social Programmer

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12 November, 2007

Hi, i want to use same schedulre in my application, please help me out how to binde data from sql server to devexpress scheduler, please reply to

5 September, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Anil,

The email address bounced however you can see this sample for databinding:

Then you can use this converter to convert the csharp code to vb:

5 September, 2008

hi harry

using aspxschedulet how to insert data into sqlserver-2000

hi ineed the example.

Could u please tell me how to insert data into data base.

4 November, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Sudheer,

Sure, check out this video which shows you how to bind the ASPxScheduler to a database:

4 November, 2008
Shuja Rehman


I want to know that can i use scheduler control with MVC??? as i am using it but it giving me error.

please help me out



15 June, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Shuja,

Please contact our support team and they can help you:

15 June, 2009
Mohammed Farooq

Hi Harry,

This article is nice.

Now, my requirement is to some more fields to existing options of ASPxScheduler

Is it possible to add additional fields  to ASPxScheduler and to display in pop up.


Mohammed Farooq

3 August, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Mohammed,


Check out this custom appointment form demo which also has code at the bottom:

3 August, 2009
tri mandir prajapati

hi.. can't we hide the month view .. timeline in the aspxscheduler..

23 November, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Tri Mandir,

Try this code central sample:

If that doesn't help then please contact our support team and they can help you:

23 November, 2009
Lyz vue

Hi is ther eanywhay that i can customize it to where i can search for the schedules by a name r location on the side.?

16 December, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Lyz,

Yes, you can add your own custom search:

7 January, 2010
Gregory MacKay

Do you have any examples of setting up permissions for accessing and modifying schedules - ie. you being the only one who can access and modify your schedule, or maybe you and your secretary can access your schedule.

Thanks - great control, by the way!

7 May, 2010
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


There are several events and properties, which are designed to prevent end-users from making certain actions.

They are well described in the How to: Prevent End-Users from Editing Appointments help topic and the example.

12 May, 2010

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