ASPxGridView Screencast: Data Grouping Basics

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10 December 2007

The ASPxGridView supports data grouping against an unlimited number of columns. Grouping is enabled by default and there are several options for you to customize grouping within your ASPxGridView. Learn more about the design and runtime options available to you:


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Ben Hayat
Ben Hayat

Hi Mehul;

Got a question for you. I'll be using ASPxGridView for a project that will be done in VS2008 and LINQ.

Can you tell me if the Grid's grouping and sorting are Strictly depend on the existence of XPO or will it also work if I use LinqDataSource or Linq result set?

I'll not be using XPO in this project, only Linq, can you tell me what features of the Grid are solely depend on XPO Or can I use all the features of the Grid regardless of XPO?


10 December 2007
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Ben,

The ASPxGridView can work with any standard datasource including the LinqDataSource and the ASPxGridView features should all work fine. XPO provides server mode which you won't have with LinqDataSource (currently). We are planning to have the built in Server mode support for datasources supporting IQueryable (Linq) interface.


11 December 2007

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