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17 December 2007

Performance is Everything when it comes to ASP.NET controls and our focus here at Developer Express is to ensure that we deliver high performance products that help you build your best every day. To this end, here is a recent conversation we had internally related to the on-going performance improvements across our entire product line:

R&D Team: We've significantly improved performance in our ASP.NET products."

Me: "Oh yeah? By how much?"

R&D Team: "By 2.5"

Me: "You mean by 2.5 seconds?"

R&D Team: "No, 2.5 times the current speeds."

Me (jaw on the floor): "What?!!  Wow. You rock, thanks!"

The Good

These improvements were implemented while doing product-wide optimizations. The code that creates the control hierarchy has been optimized...So it doesn't create objects when they're not needed and it caches them when it's possible and makes sense to.

To ensure the overall quality of our implementation, you'll have to wait until DXperience v2008 vol 1 is released (1st Quarter 2008)...

The Proof

Like you, I wanted some proof. So after hunting down the web stress testing numbers, here are just some of the amazing results:



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