Refactor! Pro in VS 2008 : Screencasts & More

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30 December 2007

Want to learn more about the refactorings in Visual Studio 2008 from the lead developer? Dustin Campbell is doing a 12-day series on Visual Studio 2008 refactorings made specifically for Visual Basic 9 and C# 3.0 in Visual Studio 2008.

It's a great series to learn about the refactorings and also has code samples, screencasts, Dustin's sharp wit, and some great holiday images (see below). In a separate window at the bottom, the screencasts show you exactly which keys are being pressed so you can try the refactoring for yourself. So far, he's up to Day Ten and if you want to learn more then I recommend you check out the links below:


Twelve Days of Refactor! X-mas

  1. Make Implicit
  2. Make Explicit
  3. Name Anonymous Type
  4. Rename Works In Query Expressions!
  5. Convert to Auto-Implemented Property
  6. Compress to Lambda Expression
  7. Create Backing Store
  8. Bread-and-Butter Refactorings in Query Expressions
  9. Expand Lambda Expression
  10. Refactoring in XML Literals


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