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February 2008 - Posts

  • Case Study: McTaggart Consulting recommends XtraReports

    Mike McTaggart is a busy man who knows his stuff. He runs his consulting business and helps run the Los Angeles .NET User Group. Mike highly recommends XtraReports for WinForms and ASP.NET reporting. He says XtraReports has the best ease of use, best customization features, the simplest deployment and the best price. Who am I to argue? Wink

    "When I first purchased XtraReports I had my first functional web report up and running within an hour after watching a couple of the tutorials." - M. McTaggart


    When we first met, the first words out of Mike's mouth were, "I love XtraReports." Learn more about how XtraReports helped him with a current project that involves multiple platforms and different layers for customers:

    Case Study: McTaggart Consulting


  • Visual Studio 2008 Hotfix Released! Performance and Editor fixes

    Microsoft has just released the hotfix (KB946581) that many of you have been waiting for. It fixes a number items including the issues mentioned in a previous post. I know from emails that they've worked hard to get this ready for shipping. You can find more details and download the small (2.6 mb) file here: 

    Your Websites, Our Passion! : Downloadable Hotfix: Performance and Editor fixes for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer Express 2008

    I recommend taking a note of Scott's summary in case you run into any problems with this fix. I've been running a version of it for a couple of weeks and it's been fairly stable. Here is the list of items that have been fixed:

    Issues that are fixed: We have fixed several bugs in this hotfix. All bug fixes are listed below.

    HTML Source view performance

    • Source editor freezes for a few seconds when typing in a page with a custom control that has more than two levels of sub-properties.
    • “View Code” right-click context menu command takes a long time to appear with web application projects.
    • Visual Studio has very slow behavior when opening large HTML documents.
    • Visual Studio has responsiveness issues when working with big HTML files with certain markup.
    • The Tab/Shift-Tab (Indent/Un-indent) operation is slow with large HTML selections.

    Design view performance

    • Slow typing in design view with certain page markup configurations.

    HTML editing

    • Quotes are not inserted after Class or CssClass attribute even when the option is enabled.
    • Visual Studio crashes when ServiceReference element points back to the current web page.

    JavaScript editing

    • When opening a JavaScript file, colorization of the client script is sometimes delayed several seconds.
    • JavaScript Intellisense does not work if an empty string property is encountered before the current line of editing.

    Web Site build performance

    • Build is very slow when Bin folder contains large number of assemblies and .refresh files with web-site projects.



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