Case Study: Miguel Castro, MVP, Chooses Developer Express

02 April 2008

We just published a very cool case study with none other than Miguel Castro. Don't miss it if you get a chance to see him present at a developer event like VSLive. Miguel is a brilliant guy and a great speaker.

Miguel is also an MVP, speaker, founder/owner of SteelBlue Solutions, and genuinely nice guy. If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing him speak, you can catch him on DotNetRocks or dnrTV talking about custom controls.

Yes, that's right, custom controls. Miguel has a deep understanding of how to create custom controls. So when he decided to create his own product, CodeBreeze, he chose to use Developer Express components. Why?

"Developer Express has the most extensive collection of Windows controls I've ever seen in a component suite. In fact, there are so many that you almost look for features to add to your application just so you can use more of the controls in the suite. I had experience with other DevExpress products in the past and always thought very highly of their competence in this arena." -Miguel Castro

Read the full Case Study and learn how Miguel built CodeBreeze with the help of Developer Express:

CodeBreeze User Interface

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Rory Becker - DevExpress

"you almost look for features to add to your application just so you can use more of the controls in the suite"

What does he mean almost? If I have spare time It's guarenteed that's what I'm doing. Adding features based around "these" controls never fails to make me look good with my boss and our company look good with our customers.

All I need now is some more of that spare time I mentioned :)

3 April, 2008
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