How to optimize the ASPxMenu control

15 April 2008

The support team just released a great knowledge base article which shows how to optimize the ASPxMenu control. In this article, you'll learn how to reduce the render size of the ASPxMenu and improve your website's speed. There are several tips and suggestions on topics like ViewState, gutters, animations, submenus, shadows and more.

Here are some sample stats that show how page size can be reduced by using these tips:


Check out the entire article for some great tips on how to reduce page size when using the ASPxMenu control:

KB18089: How to optimize the ASPxMenu control

Then drop me a line here and let me know your experience with the suggestions.

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Robert O'Brien

Great stuff. Can we have one for the ASPxGridView now please?

15 April, 2008
Julio Delgado_1

Thanks Good info, how about similar tips for the other controls.

15 April, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hey Guys,

We're working hard to reduce the rendering times for all our controls and we'll publish similar articles with similar reccomendations for other our controls in the future, when needed.

Recently we made some major improvements for all of our ASPx controls in the v8.1 release:

The ASPxGridView and our other controls are fairly light and fast by default. And with server mode, they're very fast.


15 April, 2008

Are the controls and components offered by your company compatible with VS Express Editions 2008 and vWD 2008. Would appreciate a quick response

19 April, 2008
Dr. Holger Flick

Interesting table! As Julio, I can only emphasize it would be nice having those numbers for other controls as well.

20 April, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Sundara,

Yes, they're compatible with the Express Editions of Visual Studio. Check out the trial here:


20 April, 2008

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