You've voted and we're stunned!

25 April 2008

I’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you out there for voting in the asp.netPRO Magazine Reader's Choice awards. We submitted our ASP.NET tools in eight separate categories. Today, I learned that we have won nine awards in all! Not only did you help us win every category we'd entered, but you'd also helped carry DXperience over the finish line for the Best Product of the Year award!


Best Add-In   CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET  
Best Charting & Graphics Tool        XtraCharts Suite  
Best Component Set   DXperience  
Best Grid   ASPxGridView  
Best Navigation Suite   ASPxNavBar  
Best Online Editor   ASPxHTMLEditor  
Best Printing/Reporting Tool   XtraReports Suite  
Best Scheduling/Calendar Tool   ASPxScheduler  
Product of the Year !!!   DXperience  

The community that has built up around here has also amazed me. So, thank you very much! Jeff put together a little video collage for you. And stay tuned, because there’s more coming.


And now a few words from the CTO...

Yeah, we're saving on bytes and hence money in our Community Server database by me appending my thoughts to Mehul's post. Well, you know, the champers does need to be purchased, suitably chilled, and then most boisterously quaffed.

When Ray phoned me with the news I couldn't believe it. "Won?" said I. "Yes, won." "All of them?" "Yes, all of them." "Not second place, or honorable mention, or thanks for showing up, or anything like that?" "Are you an idiot or something?" he said, "we came first. That's what 'won' means." "Oh, won. Right you are then." was my final riposte, which as you can see was pretty pathetic. It's taken a little time to sink in, but I'm still a bit gobsmacked by it all.

As Mehul said, we came first in every single category we entered, all eight of them, and then in addition we carried off the Product of the Year award. And obviously we couldn't have done it without you, our loyal customers, voting en masse for the products you use every day. And guess what? We're not finished with them: we have lots of new features and new functionality and new products to bring to market. This industry is not a static one and we as a company, from top to bottom, have to continually innovate, surprise and entrance you, and just get on with the sheer hard work of being even better and having even more desirable products in a month's, three months', a year's time. So, if you don't mind, enough with the celebrations, but we've got a job to do.

Oh, is that my glass? Cheers!

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william newsom

You guys/gals deserve it , you have made my life easier and when my customers are happy im happy and when im happy my wife is happy (JK!)

PLEASE do NOT let the go to your heads as i still expect my questions to be answered (knowledge base), controls to KEEP COMING, and keep the price competitive (bosses input)

25 April, 2008
Renaud Bompuis


I know that for the components I use, it's well deserved, that's why I voted for you :-)

25 April, 2008
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26 April, 2008
Rollie Claro

You Guys Deserve it! cheers!

but dont forget the WPF and Silver light controls. ok?

keep the price competetive Low - business


26 April, 2008


You component are easy to use, has a better performance, prices competitive, great and fast support, always innovating, etc.

DevExpress won....we won!

This mean more compromise with the products and customers.


26 April, 2008
Ben Hayat

Congrats to DX and the team who made it happen!

BTW, does anyone have a link to the result on ASPNetPro Site? I need to see which company got the best for "Hosting Site"?

Oh, and don't forget the Silverlight...


26 April, 2008

I voted only your products and few Microsoft ones, right after i got that e-mail notification!

it was the least i could do for ALL the amasing Support few weeks ago in the

Support Center and for making my life as a programmer easier and more beutifull with your amazing programs!

Congratulations! ;-)

i agree with william keep it competitive and simple, dont relax.

26 April, 2008

You've been kicked (a good thing) - Trackback from

26 April, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Thanks all!

Just picking up on a couple of themes: no, we haven't forgotten about the WPF and Silverlight controls, betas are coming, perhaps a little later than I expected, but coming. As usual, we're not saying exactly when though, but wrt Silverlight, TechEd is on the horizon is all I'm saying. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, eh?

And of course we'll remain price competitive with regard to our market. This is our tenth year of providing excellent innovative products and support at reasonable prices and we're not going to stop now. And the subscription model means you can easily budget your components, frameworks, and tools for building your applications.

Cheers, Julian

26 April, 2008

Developer Express Hits the Jackpot!

27 April, 2008
Claudio Piffer


27 April, 2008
Geoff Davis

Congrats guys... I don't usually vote but this time I did.

I'm starting to get more and more involved in WPF and Silverlight now and it feels like i'm getting less involved in coding the ASP.NET and Winforms controls.

I'm just hoping that you can deliver a feature rich suite of components for WPF/Silverlight soon.

28 April, 2008
David Dillon

Please don't forget I made my purchase BEFORE (although just a few days before) the latest accolades - I'd hate to be considered merely trendy . . . good news about the increased tutorial investment.

28 April, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hey Ben,

aspNetPro will announce the results on their site around mid May. Thanks.

28 April, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hey David,

Noted. Smile

28 April, 2008
Ben Hayat

Thanks Mehul;

Until then, do you know or have access, as to which company was nominated the best "Hosting Company" for ASP.Net 3.5?


28 April, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Ben,

I'll try to find the winner of that category. In the meantime, the following search results on the ASP.NET forums may help you:

29 April, 2008
Bob Flanagan

Congratulations!  Well deserved - your great components bring our apps to the next level!!

2 May, 2008

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