ASPxGridView Screencast: Templates

ASP.NET Team Blog
16 May 2008

Templates are a great way to extend the look and feel of many ASP.NET controls. You can extend  the ASPxGridView using several different templates such the HeaderTemplate, EditFormTemplate and many more. You can embed just about any control and/or HTML element within a Template. In fact, the Master-Detail layout uses the DetailRow Template to embed another ASPxGridView within the master ASPxGridView.

Check out this screencast on templates which shows you how to change the default look of the ASPxGridView's data rows. Learn how to insert an ASPxRoundPanel within the DataItemTemplate to give the ASPxGridView a nice visual change.

In the beginning of the screencast, you'll see me briefly describe templates and what the screencast is about. Hope you enjoy it and please drop leave comment below. I'd like to hear what you thought about the screencast and/or what other items you want to see in the future.


I also recommend checking out Dino Esposito's excellent MSDN article, Understanding Templates in ASP.NET, which explains in more detail about templates.

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