Interview: DXperience ASP.NET v8.2 Features

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19 May 2008

The last six months have been busy since releasing four major controls: ASPxScheduler, ASPxTreeList, ASPxHtmlEditor, and ASPxSpellChecker. You've sent us some great feedback on these and other Developer Express ASPx controls. So in the next major release, 2008 vol 2, your requests for things like printing in the ASPxHtmlEditor, editing in the ASPxTreeList nodes, and more will be implemented. Check out these and the other features for 2008 vol 2 in this short interview with Julian and myself.


The ASPxGridView 2008 vol 2 improvement that weren't mentioned in the video:

  • Export Improvements: (S18181): Add the ability to print Title and Header. Include into Title and Headers, Date Printed, page number and so on. Currently it's impossible to even print the "Company Name" on the top of every page.

    (S18825): Improved support for hyperlinks. Currently it's exported as text. We will export them as hyperlink in PDF, RTF and XLS.

  • Changing the page size on client: (S90290) Add the API and likely change the pager so the end user will be able to change the number of rows displayed in the grid.
  • Lots of other changes: About 20 or so requests for properties, methods, or events will be added. In general, it'll allow you to implement common tasks using an easy to understand API and write less code.

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