ASPxGridView's Cool New Feature: Header Filter

ASP.NET Team Blog
22 May 2008

A cool new feature was recently added to the ASPxGridView in the 2008 volume 1 release. 'Header Filter' is an alternative to the standard filter toolbar. Column headers can be displayed as filter drop-down buttons. By clicking a filter dropdown, the header filter lists the unique values within a column and enables you filter the column. Check out this live demo to test drive this feature:


By default, the filter buttons are hidden. To show the filter buttons, just set the Settings.ShowHeaderFilterButton property to true. You can also change text for the '(All)' item above with the SettingsText.HeaderFilterShowAll property.

In certain scenarios, the header filter can be more useful to you. Drop me a line below and let me know if you use this feature and/or which filter type you prefer to use.

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