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June 2008 - Posts

  • Improved ASPxGridView Exporting for 2008 vol 2

    We’ve made some major improvements to the exporting features for the ASPxGridView. The suggestions you provided were the main reason behind these improvements. So it pays to track and create suggestions. Thanks for the great feedback and expect these changes in the next major release, 2008 vol 2. Here’s the list of suggestions and improvements made:

    Suggestion Details: Export - Add an ability to export a description of the exported ASPxGridView

    Now you can add descriptive information into your exported files from the ASPxGridView. Output the date printed, page numbers, and other items which are inserted into the Title and Header sections. You can use the following new properties to add the descriptive information:

    GridViewExporterHeaderFooter PageHeader;
    GridViewExporterHeaderFooter PageFooter;

    class GridViewExporterHeaderFooter {
      string Left { get; set; }
      string Center { get; set; }
      string Right { get; set; }
      FontInfo Font { get; }
      BrickAlignment VerticalAlignment { get; set; }

    The following tags can be used (in the Left, Center and Right properties): [Page #], [Page # of Pages #], [Date Printed], [Time Printed] and [User Name].

    Suggestion Details: GridViewExporter control with master and detail gridviews

    The team worked hard to get it ready for you in time for the next release (I was pulling for this one as well). The ability to export the ASPxGridView with a master-detail layout has been added! You can now control the export mode of the detail grid. The following properties have been added:

    GridViewDetailExportMode ASPxGridView.DetailSettings.ExportMode, { None, Expanded, All }. The default value is None. Set it to "Expanded" or "All" to export detail grids.
    int ASPxGridView.DetailSettings.ExportIndex. The default is 0. Set it to "-1" to hide the detail grid from exporting.
    int ASPxGridViewExporter.DetailVerticalOffset. The default value is 5
    int ASPxGridViewExporter.DetailHorizontalOffset. The default value is 5

    Suggestion Details: Export hyperlinks as hyperlinks, not as text

    This minor fix will correct a small problem where hyperlinks were displayed as text in the exported file. They’ll now be displayed as proper hyperlinks in the exported file.

  • Listen or Download Julian's LINQ post as Podcast Audio

    Podcasts are great to way to learn, discover, or just be entertained. And some times, it’s just better to hear the author express in their own voice rather than read a post. So you’ll be happy to hear that Julian has recorded an audio version of his “LINQ, LINQ, say no more” post for you.

    Check out this 9 minute podcast, in which Julian describes Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Just click the play button on the mini-audio player here:

    You can also download the mp3 file to your iPod, Zune, or other mp3 player: LinqLinqSayNoMore.mp3

  • Free Silverlight datagrid released - Download now

    Our new free Silverlight datagrid beta 1 has just been released and is available for download immediately!

    Here's the official announcement:


    This is an honest to goodness, no strings attached, free datagrid. Feature highlights:

    • Data Grouping and Sorting with multiple columns
    • Comprehensive Summary Computation against multiple columns
    • Row Editing
    • Row Preview (with animation)
    • Template Support (for cell content, cell editing, row preview and headers)
    • Multiple column types/editors

    (and much more)

    If you've been considering Silverlight development, you'll have to give this datagrid a try. If you're already doing Silverlight coding, then you should have already clicked through to download it, why are you still reading? ;)

    Seriously, this is big news, click here to download the free AgDataGrid for Silverlight now.

  • ASP.NET Video Tutorial: How to Bind an ASPx TreeList to Data

    Check out this 3 minute video on how to bind our ASP.NET TreeList control, the ASPxTreeList, to data. The ASPxTreeList is a versatile treeview/grid control that allows you to display data in a hierarchy (why is this word so hard to say?) The ASPxTreeList also has the great features that you’ve come to expect from our ASP.NET components like Ajax/callbacks, templates, and a bunch more which you can try out in the online demos.

    To learn how easy it is to drop an ASPxTreeList and bind it to your database, check out the following video:


    If you’re interested in the ‘service columns’ mentioned in the video then you’ll find the following helpful: Tree Generation Algorithm in the ASPxTreeList

  • How To Search Support Using Search Providers in IE8

    The support center has tons of answers, many with examples, on how to solve different issues. Finding a particular issue can be tricky at first. To help make this easier, the support center now uses the ASPxGridView which allows you to drill down the results by filtering and sorting.

    However, there is another method which can help you find answers faster and with ease. Check out this 4 minute screencast on how to use the Search Providers in IE to lookup items in the online documentation as well as the support center.


    What about Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.? If you’re fan of these other browsers, then I’d love to hear how to implement this approach in them.

    So check out this short screencast, then implement your own custom provider to search the DevExpress site and finally drop me a line below with your experience.

  • Video: How To Create A Web Report

    Check out this 6 minute screencast on how to create a report in XtraReports for an ASP.NET application. XtraReports works both for WinForms and ASP.NET platforms. And the reports can be used in either platform because XtraReports uses a simple class structure to store the reports.

    In this screencast, you’ll learn how to create and use a dataset to design a web report. You’ll also see how to use the ReportViewer and ReportToolBar to display and navigate the web report. Both these controls support callbacks as well as a clientside API which can be used to extend their functionality.

    Click the image below and learn how to add reporting to your web applications.

  • Great Interest in ASP.NET @ TechEd

    In the last couple of years, ASP.NET usage in organizations has been on the rise. Having a web interface is important to developers for many reasons. So it's very exciting and humbling to see the amount of interest that developers, managers, Microsoft staff, and even other vendors are showing in our ASP.NET product line. Here are some of the common questions I've been asked today:

    Large Datasets

    One of the most requested demos is the Server Mode for ASPxGridView. When asked if the developer works with large datasets? The answer is almost always a "YES!" And when they see the Server mode in action, the "Aha!" kicks in.

    Do your ASP.NET controls support CSS?

    Yes, absolutely. Then I show this demo of how the ASPxGridView and our other ASP.NET controls can easily switch themes.

    Are you guys looking into Silverlight?

    Yes! We have just announced the AGDataGrid for Silverlight and it'll be free!

    What else do you have for ASP.NET?

    We have a full suite which includes the ASPxScheduler, ASPxTreeList, ASPxHtmlEditor, ASPxPivotGrid, ASPxperience, and more.

    If you happen to be at TechEd then please drop by and say hello.

  • DevExpress on Twitter

    We created a Twitter account so you can follow DevExpress in easy to digest 140 character bites!

    If you don't know what Twitter is then I'll try to explain. It's a free service let's you send and receive text-based updates. Don't worry, it's not another instant messaging service. Since Twitter doesn't know when you're online, you can choose to get the updates or ignore them.

    Twitter also acts like a micro-blogging service. Micro-blogging on Twitter means writing something short, descriptive, and interesting in 140 characters or less. So, to keep you in the loop another way, we've created a Twitter account which you can find and follow here:


    This Twitter account is another portal to get information on not just blog entries but also updates from conferences and more. Oliver, Julian, Gary, Mark and myself will post company related items which you may find interesting. We'll still blog and email the important information for you. However, if you like real-time updates or are just curious, then click here to see the DevExpress Twitter page and follow our updates.


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