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03 June 2008

We created a Twitter account so you can follow DevExpress in easy to digest 140 character bites!

If you don't know what Twitter is then I'll try to explain. It's a free service let's you send and receive text-based updates. Don't worry, it's not another instant messaging service. Since Twitter doesn't know when you're online, you can choose to get the updates or ignore them.

Twitter also acts like a micro-blogging service. Micro-blogging on Twitter means writing something short, descriptive, and interesting in 140 characters or less. So, to keep you in the loop another way, we've created a Twitter account which you can find and follow here:


This Twitter account is another portal to get information on not just blog entries but also updates from conferences and more. Oliver, Julian, Gary, Mark and myself will post company related items which you may find interesting. We'll still blog and email the important information for you. However, if you like real-time updates or are just curious, then click here to see the DevExpress Twitter page and follow our updates.

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Highlight your business app and share your development experiences with the DevExpress community. To include your app in our upcoming App Showcase, please forward an application screenshot to and tell us which DevExpress products you currently use within your organization.
richard morris
richard morris

Hi guys welcome to ADD central ^h^h^h errr Twitter: :)

Noticing the difference between Obama and Clinton on twitter - Obama has the option set to automatically follow anyone who follows him - result: landslide win on twitter

3 June 2008

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