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03 June 2008

In the last couple of years, ASP.NET usage in organizations has been on the rise. Having a web interface is important to developers for many reasons. So it's very exciting and humbling to see the amount of interest that developers, managers, Microsoft staff, and even other vendors are showing in our ASP.NET product line. Here are some of the common questions I've been asked today:

Large Datasets

One of the most requested demos is the Server Mode for ASPxGridView. When asked if the developer works with large datasets? The answer is almost always a "YES!" And when they see the Server mode in action, the "Aha!" kicks in.

Do your ASP.NET controls support CSS?

Yes, absolutely. Then I show this demo of how the ASPxGridView and our other ASP.NET controls can easily switch themes.

Are you guys looking into Silverlight?

Yes! We have just announced the AGDataGrid for Silverlight and it'll be free!

What else do you have for ASP.NET?

We have a full suite which includes the ASPxScheduler, ASPxTreeList, ASPxHtmlEditor, ASPxPivotGrid, ASPxperience, and more.

If you happen to be at TechEd then please drop by and say hello.

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