Video: How To Create A Web Report

11 June 2008

Check out this 6 minute screencast on how to create a report in XtraReports for an ASP.NET application. XtraReports works both for WinForms and ASP.NET platforms. And the reports can be used in either platform because XtraReports uses a simple class structure to store the reports.

In this screencast, you’ll learn how to create and use a dataset to design a web report. You’ll also see how to use the ReportViewer and ReportToolBar to display and navigate the web report. Both these controls support callbacks as well as a clientside API which can be used to extend their functionality.

Click the image below and learn how to add reporting to your web applications.

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very good

11 June, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks Carol!

11 June, 2008

Hi Mehul,

I am trying to make a report in ASP.NET using your reporting tool. I've added Xtrareporting class but in design mode there are just winform components. I couldn't add gridview or aspxtreelist. When ever I tried to use normal treelist I could't bind my custom datatable because as u know there is not any bind option in winform components. Is there any way for me to bind my custom data source form any aspx pages to a aspxtreelist in a xtrareport ?

16 June, 2009
Alan (DevExpress)


You're right, it's impossible to drop ASP.NET components onto the XtraReport at design time. Instead, XtraReports can embed Windows Forms components into it, by using the WinControlContainer wrapper. At this point, please clarify why you can't bind an XtraTreeList control to a datasource? For example, please see the XtraTreeList documentation, which describes how to bind a tree list to data:

Also, please clarify why you need to show a tree list control inside a report? AFAIK, the ASPxTreeList control can be exported to various formats without XtraReports: Or do you want to *print* a tree-like structure in a report? If so, then please try to use the XtraTreeList control inside an XtraReport - they should work together just fine.

PS. By the way, if you want to get an official guaranteed answer from Developer Express support within 24 hours, it's better to use our Support Center at And if you attach your project to your Support Center question, it will greatly help us understand your particular requirements.

17 June, 2009
siby abin

hello sir, i am new to devexpress controls..

.how i can connect a report with my sql query which contains a joins of 4 or 5 tables...How can i user the Xtra reports to Connect it..I found a demo connecting only 1 table...

4 August, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hello Siby,

Yes, it's possible, check out some of the links here:|P5|20

4 August, 2009

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