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20 June 2008

Podcasts are great to way to learn, discover, or just be entertained. And some times, it’s just better to hear the author express in their own voice rather than read a post. So you’ll be happy to hear that Julian has recorded an audio version of his “LINQ, LINQ, say no more” post for you.

Check out this 9 minute podcast, in which Julian describes Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Just click the play button on the mini-audio player here:

You can also download the mp3 file to your iPod, Zune, or other mp3 player: LinqLinqSayNoMore.mp3

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Ben Hayat
Ben Hayat

Great idea, or rather, excellent idea! Somehow, I learn faster by hearing than reading (only). Even better, by combining hearing and reading, called video. So, I'm glad you're taking advantage of this media!

Julian has a great way of delivering a message or point.


20 June 2008
Renaud Bompuis
Renaud Bompuis

Wow, this is new an really welcome.

Your voice and diction come out really well; it pays to do theatre plays :-) Sounds like I'm listening to <a href=">.

I find is excellent and a interesting twist on the videos for discussing more general topics.

Why not making it more informal by having conversations on a particular topic, like interviews.

I'm sure Mark Miller could enlighten us on the challenges of integrating DXCore into Visual Studio, Oliver could explain some of the choices behind eXpress App, why not getting hold of Scott Hanselman to get him to talk about the MVC pattern?

Whether it's inside DX our outside, there is almost unlimited opportunity to discuss technologies that are relevant to what you do.

I really like that Developer Express is showing a more human face and that it takes information and education so seriously.

It puts you beyond the realm of component vendor and I'm sure that what you are doing here will attract people from beyond your normal audience of customers.

Discussing technology, educating and informing developers is becoming crucial: there is so much going on, so many new technologies being released that the insight of those who are successful in navigating the tide is invaluable.

Thanks again for making the efforts to produce all this content; it's very appreciated.

21 June 2008

Good post man, just looking around some blogs, seems a pretty nice platform you are using.

10 February 2010

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