7 Things You Might Have Missed About the New DevExpress Video Channel

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23 July 2008



The DevExpress Channel is now broadcasting! There are videos on training, screencasts, demos, interviews, and some fun stuff that we do around the office. So, it's obvious that it's a clean, simple design and there are a ton of videos to watch, but here are 7 things you might have missed:

1. Filter by Tag: Allows you to filter by a product or tag associated with the video.


2. Click the ‘More Videos’ button to see a list of the available videos by category. This list comes up in the same area as the video player to save space and give you a central view to browse the videos.

image image

3. Find similar videos by clicking on the tags below the player.


4. Download the videos to watch on your desktop or home theater.


5. You can also link to a video using the direct URL which ends in .movie


6. I have to stop getting cheap supercuts haircuts.

Click through to see my deadly supercuts hair spikes almost stab Mark Miller in the face:


7. Full-Screen: Watch the newer videos in full-screen.


Click here and check out all the great new videos.

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