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30 July 2008

Check out this 7 minute video on how to use CodeCentral. To learn a new product or tool, I find one of the best ways is to play with sample source code. CodeCentral is your portal to search, download and run tons of sample source code. To get started, just install a small tool direct from the website and then run our samples in your local Visual Studio.

CodeCentral’s main purpose is to be a learning tool. A good tutorial is almost like a cheat code for a game. It can help raise you to a new level in a short time. CodeCentral is kind of like cheat codes but without the guilt. Wink


What’s in DevExpress CodeCentral?

Sample projects with source code of our ASP.NET Tutorials and also the many support issues which contain samples for our other products (including WinForms).

Does it cover all DevExpress components?

Yes, however there are more ASP.NET samples at the moment.

Is it only DevExpress components?

Yes. Though some samples show you how to integrate with other technologies like Microsoft Ajax.

Is it available to anyone or just DevExpress customers?

It’s available to everyone. No need to sign in.

Is it free?


Does it work with the trial?

Yes. Our trial is fully functional.

Do you need to have Visual Studio Professional, Enterprise, or Team System to see the code?

Not necessarily. You can also use the free Visual Studio Express Editions.

What about Delphi?

Sorry, we're aiming to get .NET fully supported before we look at VCL.

What about browsing the code?

Yes, you can browse many of the samples online. Though, it’s to browse on a local system where you can execute and step into source code.

Are these DevExpress written samples, user samples or both?

Both but for the most part, they’re written by the support and R&D teams.

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this is cool stuff, thanks very much guys

30 July, 2008
Saif Khan

Can anyone submit videos? devxtube...

31 July, 2008

this is good idea, I think. but the important thing is what devex thinks about it?

31 July, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


I'd love to see user-submitted videos that show DevExpress products or how to use them. If you guys have videos you want to share with us then please send me an email. Camtasia screencasts would be ideal.

31 July, 2008

Mehul Harry hi!

how are you.

i like to devexpress thank you.

31 October, 2008

i want to devexpress video (sample video) on website

31 October, 2008

if i click on createFilter button, My custom button at the bottom on my page become disabled. at this point it's ok, but if i click on cancel , the little window are closing but my custom button stay disabled...

17 December, 2008
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Ever wonder how to edit multiple rows of the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView at the same time? To help you

29 May, 2009
asp dot net programming

Great Post! Really very useful information is given. Thanks for sharing.

6 July, 2009
Brian Kirton
Brian Kirton

HI there,

I'm using aspxScheduler with the appointment screen copied to a new location as requested by the change notes.

However, if I add a User Control to the Appointment form that contains an UpdatePanel, the appointment form refuses to display.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

Brian Kirton

11 November, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Brian,

I recommend uploading your sample project and posting your question here:

11 November, 2009

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