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August 2008 - Posts

  • End-User Report Designer 101: Training Video For End-Users

    Check out this video which introduces the basics of the End-User Report Designer. The end-user can learn about the design surface, elements, and data source of the End-User Report Designer. Before you know it, your users will be editing and creating their own reports. Oh and feel free to use this video as a training tool for you end-users.

    Click the image below to check out the video:


    You can also Download this movie or use this direct link to reference the video:

    So watch the video and share it with your end-users so they can learn the power they have at their fingertips. Then drop me note here on how many more reports the end-users are creating and maintaining.

  • How To Redirect To Login Page After Session Timeout

    Check out this 7 minute video which shows how to redirect users to a login page when the browser session times out. Click the image to see how to build a small application which uses a Login control, Forms Authentication, and the ASPxHttpHandler module:


    Using Forms Authentication in an ASP.NET application makes it difficult to redirect users during callbacks. Since Ajax Callbacks only update partial portions of the page. This makes redirecting kind of a pain.

    Imagine you have a page that uses a Grid View with callbacks. If a user’s session times out and the user tries to group, sort, page or any operation that does a callback. Then the browser will idle and display the loading icon spinning as the server tries to redirect to the login page.

    There is an easy way to handle this. Just add an ASPxHttpHandler module to your web application and it will redirect a callback when the session has timed out.

    Check out the video and then leave me note below about how you plan to use this feature.

  • devLink Conference 2008 in Tennessee


    The devLink 2008 conference in Nashville, Tennessee is already here! If you were lucky enough to get registered before it sold out then drop by the Developer Express booth and say Hello. I’ll be there to answer your questions and show you some cool demos.

    There are a bunch of great new tools that we’ve been working on this year and you can come talk with me about things like:

    • Our ASP.NET tools
    • WPF DataGrid
    • Silverlight controls
    • Our rich WinForms controls
    • My new iPhone 3G

    While it’s not PDC, there’s probably some good tracks and speakers there because the event is already sold out. In fact, there’s a devLink bus on a road trip to the conference. You can follow many of the developers on the bus through their twitter stream.

    Oh and if you stop by the booth and mention this post then you’ll get my thanks and probably a nice DevExpress T-Shirt too.

    So drop by the booth before they’re all gone. :-)

  • Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Released!

    Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 is out now. We had a chance to work with Microsoft on some of the issues and suggestions that many of you have recommend. Microsoft has listened and come out with a good service pack. It addresses many of the issues as well as include fixes, new features, and improvements:

    [Update thanks to Glenn and Heather:] If you have the beta (and some other KB hotfixes) installed, then run the Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack Preparation Tool FIRST.

    Click the button to download Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5:


    PS - After installation, leave a comment here on how you like the new improvements, features and fixes.

  • Redirect Callback using an ASPxHttpHandler Module

    Check out this three minute video on how to redirect from within an Ajax callback. Normally, to redirect, you would call the HttpResponse.Redirect method and pass the URL you want to redirect the current page to. But the Redirect method doesn’t work in a callback.

    Here’s where the ASPxHttpHandler Module, with its multiple uses, comes to the rescue. With the ASPxHttpHandler Module, you can just check the IsCallback method, then set the HttpResponse.RedirectLocation property and you’ve got a seamless redirection. Click the image below to learn more. Then drop me a line here and let me know what other approaches you could use to get this redirection.



  • Ajax Callback Error in ASP.NET Part 2 – Client Side Popup

    A new event was added to all of our ASP.NET controls that use callbacks. The CallbackError event handler is a client-side event and can be used to handle those pesky callback errors. This event captures and displays callback errors using the client-side JavaScript. The event still require the use of an ASPxHttpHandler module, which is responsible for intercepting the callback error. However, this event now gives you the choice of displaying the error on the client side.

    To use it, override the event using the smart tag of the control or you can add the event code using source HTML view. Here is an example that shows how the ASPxGridView will use a JavaScript alert popup to display the error message:

    <dxwgv:ASPxGridView ID="ASPxGridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
    CssFilePath="~/App_Themes/Plastic Blue/{0}/styles.css" CssPostfix="PlasticBlue"
    CallbackError="function(s, e) {
    e.handled = true;
    }" />

    With this new event, there are now three different way to handle and respond to callback errors:

    1. Server side – Respond to the control
    2. Server side – Redirect to a general error page
    3. Client side

    Which method do you prefer to respond to callback errors with?


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