Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Released!

11 August 2008

Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 is out now. We had a chance to work with Microsoft on some of the issues and suggestions that many of you have recommend. Microsoft has listened and come out with a good service pack. It addresses many of the issues as well as include fixes, new features, and improvements:

[Update thanks to Glenn and Heather:] If you have the beta (and some other KB hotfixes) installed, then run the Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack Preparation Tool FIRST.

Click the button to download Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5:


PS - After installation, leave a comment here on how you like the new improvements, features and fixes.

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Chris W Walsh

woohoo!!! about time!

11 August, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Glenn noted that it might be a good idea to run the SP1 Prep Tool before installing:

11 August, 2008
Gary L Cox Jr [DX-Squad]

This is great, we have a legacy ASP app that needs to integrate with an ASP.NET app.  I hope they fixed the issue with the Solution Explorer allowing you to drag and drop a file from one location to another (Or another project) without prompting you.  It sure is a mess when you accidentally move a file and don't know you did so.

11 August, 2008

So far no problems with existing application.  Recompiled and ran fine.

One thing apparent right out of the chute...running locally is much faster than before.  Looks like they really got some of the environment optimizations right!

11 August, 2008

Just installed SP1.

aspx page with large ASPxGridView opens still very very slow... that's is very annoying! :-//////////////

12 August, 2008
Michael Benford

The first thing I noticed is the new Visual Studio icon. Now there's a little #9 over the original icon, that, btw, is smaller than the old one. I don't like it. Microsoft has defaced the well-known VS icon and now it's hard to find it on Taskbar.

I didn't read anything about that on the list of improvements delivered by SP 1. In fact, IMHO, it isn't an improvement at all.

I really hope Microsoft has delivered things more relevant than that.

12 August, 2008
Dr. Holger Flick

Download takes ages.... I hate these installers that download the information when installing as I have more than one machine :(

12 August, 2008

You're telling me they couldn't just build the SP1 Prep Tool logic into the SP1 installation routine?  How dumb is that???

12 August, 2008
Steven Rasmussen

I can understand why some may not like the new #9 over the icon... but in-fact I really appreciate it.  Having both VS2008 and VS2005 installed and both have a quick launch icon, I can now quickly know which one is which.  Anyway, I'm sure that there are much more significant enhancements than just this little icon.

12 August, 2008
Robson Previato
12 August, 2008
Brien King

Ok, I've installed it and the performance is WAAAY better then it was before, but still has up to a 30 second pause at times when changing properties.  Nothing like the 2+ minute waits of the past.

However, I have noticed a bit of flakyness with SP1.  Not sure if it's due to Vista 64bit or not.  This is a brand new install (just built the machine last week) with SP1 applied.  The flakyness I've seen so far (not 100% reproducable yet) is:

1) Debugger Locks up VS2008 and you have to End Task it.  Not sure why, but I'll try to reproduce it and contact MS if I can and see if they can generate a Hot Fix.

2) Really wierd one... When checking in code the Comment box wouldn't allow me to type an N unless I had the shift key down.... No clue what that's about and I doubt I'll be able to reproduce easily.

Other then that so far, it's been a good Service Pack.  The new features and the speed improvements are an excellent step forward.  

12 August, 2008
Rory Becker - DevExpress

Ok VS2008 SP1 ... my thoughts....

First. I have not tried any of the betas of SP1 since I Value my Dev machine and So my first impressions are just that.

1.> It needed 5Gb of work space on my C:\ before it would do anything. Damn that's a lot of space and it only returned a little over 1.6 of that when it was done. Oh yeah and my copy of studio is on my D:\

2.> I downloaded the ISO and had no running issues. The whole install took < 2 hours (not counting download). It just worked :) Nice

3.>I like the number 9. On the one hand it helps to distinguish VS2008 from VS2005. On the other hand I had to uninstall VS2005 just to find the space I needed :(

4.> I really like the apparent speedup whilst using the ASP.Net designer. For a little while there I thought it might be Coderush that was causing this, but I didn't dare remove it as life without is a very scary thought. Now that SP1 is applied My designer experience seems to be far better. So as indicated elsewhere.. .my retroactive apologies to the IDETools team.

5.> I also like the idea of Dynamic Data and I look forward to a version of the default project template which uses the DevExpress ASPx controls instead of the Microsoft ones. Someone's gotta make that right ?

6.> Not yet convinced by ADO.Net data services (seems like a security hole waiting to happen) or Entity Framework (Linq to SQL seems to work fine :)) but perhaps time will tell here.

7.> It seems that C# got a background compiler? I wonder what affect that might have on CodeRush's CodeIssues feature. I guess this will sway it away from Syntax errors and more in the direction of other code smells. On the other hand there will be those that don't apply the SP or are stuck on VS2005 (Poor Buggers)

All in all pretty good so far. No real issues. Except that perhaps I need a new HD. space is fast becoming something of a scarce resource.

12 August, 2008
Chris W Walsh

Michael, thats been there since SP1 BETA.  

Holger, as Robson said, download the ISO version.  I hate the bootstrapper trying to download the required files, takes for ever.

12 August, 2008
Michael Benford

>> Chris W Walsh said:

>> Michael, thats been there since SP1 BETA.

Oh, I haven't tried out SP1 BETA. Thanks for the explanation.

I guess I was misunderstood. I agree with the idea of having different icons to represent different versions of Visual Studio, but I think Microsoft could have done a better job in performing that. Putting a small number over the original icon is kinda a poor approach. Let's take for example Borland/Code Gear. Every version of Delphi has an unique icon, so it's easy to distinguish among several product releases. I definitely wouldn't appreciate if Delphi had the same icon from version 1 to 12 except for a small number.

Anyway, I don't intend to condemn SP 1 only because Visual Studio got a new icon - of course not. I'm going to test it deeply before making any other complaints.

12 August, 2008

ISO  image file:  to Cd not space not for DVD ? bug?

20 August, 2008
Josh Sommers

Upgrade to SP1 did no good. Nothing is faster. 

23 September, 2008
Josh Sommers

Mehul- Thank you for contacting me regarding this. I appreciate it!


23 September, 2008

The whole installing processes of SQL Server 2008 and VS 2008 SP1 are pathetic.

Installation rules should have been checked up front. And Installing SP1 takes AGESSSS, so damn slow ...



20 March, 2009

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