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September 2008 - Posts

  • ASPxPivotGrid 101: How To Get Started With A Pivot Grid For ASP.NET

    Check out this 10 minute video that introduces you to the ASPxPivotGrid control. You’ll learn:

    • The basics of how a pivot table works
    • What a pivot grid looks like
    • How to use the ASPxPivotGrid in an ASP.NET website
    • Runtime features of the ASPxPivotGrid

    What can the ASPxPivotGrid do for you? Suppose you’ve created a table or view in your database that represents some meaningful data about your product downloads. Using the ASPxPivotGrid, you can extract useful information from the data and find answers to such questions as:

    • What product has the highest download?
    • Which month has the highest downloads?

    The ASPxPivotGrid is an interactive grid that takes your data and automatically extracts, organizes, and summarizes it. You can use the ASPxPivotGrid to analyze, compare, find patterns and relationships, and discover trends from the data.

    Click the image below to watch the introduction to the pivot grids video:


  • Case Study: CSW Solutions Inc.

    Jose Rolando Guay Paz from CSW Solutions Inc has built a very cool website using DevExpress ASP.NET controls. Working with a tight six week deadline, Jose was able to leverage an online reservation system using the ASPxScheduler Suite. To also streamline their code productivity, Jose and CSW Solutions leveraged the power of CodeRush and Refactor Pro. In fact, there was enough time to build a second administration website to manage the reservations and customers.

    Click the image below to read more about their challenges and accomplishments.


    View the Site here:

    Jose’s success story is inspiring and if you’d like to share your story with us then send me an email [click Send Email in the options box on the right side].

  • How To Get Started With The ASPxGridView

    Check out these 2 new videos which show the basics of using with the ASPxGridView in a project. The first video covers things like dropping the ASPxGridView onto a form, data binding and common design time features. Click the image to watch the video:


    The second video dives into the data editing features of the ASPxGridView:


    If you’re just starting out with ASP.NET then you may find the ‘Videos for ASP.NET 2.0 Beginners’ helpful.

    Check out the 2 videos above and let me know if you find them helpful.

  • XtraReports Video: How To Make Employee Badges

    Check out this video that shows you how to use the XtraReports End User Report Designer to create employee badges. XtraReports supports the multiple column layout feature, as well as many great report controls to help you create stunning reports. This video shows you how to use this feature and controls and create a unique report to print employee badges.

    So click the image below to check out the video. And don’t forget to share it with your end-users to help them create their own employee badges report.


    You can Download this movie or use this direct link to reference the video:

  • XtraReports Video: How To Create New Reports Fast Without Coding

    The XtraReports End User Report Designer Wizard makes it easy for you and your users create new reports without programming. Here's a video you can use to share with your end-users. A wizard in the End User Report Designer guides you step-by-step in generating a new report in a matter of minutes. The wizard helps you setup the basics such as fields and header and it also has options for summaries, grouping and layout.

    So click the image below to check out the video. Then share this video with your end-users to help them generate their own powerful set of reports.


    You can Download this movie or use this direct link to reference the video:

    Check out the video and then drop me a note and let me know if you allow your end-users to create their own reports.


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