XtraReports Video: How To Create New Reports Fast Without Coding

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02 September 2008

The XtraReports End User Report Designer Wizard makes it easy for you and your users create new reports without programming. Here's a video you can use to share with your end-users. A wizard in the End User Report Designer guides you step-by-step in generating a new report in a matter of minutes. The wizard helps you setup the basics such as fields and header and it also has options for summaries, grouping and layout.

So click the image below to check out the video. Then share this video with your end-users to help them generate their own powerful set of reports.


You can Download this movie or use this direct link to reference the video: http://tv.devexpress.com/ReportDesignerWizard.movie

Check out the video and then drop me a note and let me know if you allow your end-users to create their own reports.

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XtraReports Video: How To Create New Reports Fast

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2 September 2008

I Like xtrareport control.

8 April 2010
Meysam Salehi
Meysam Salehi

I can not use the report maker

In fact, when it's called on the page, parts of it are inactive.

For example, there is no option (Add SQL Data Source)

And again, I can not get my database tables in the module, and I'm reporting web sites

Help me please


12 September 2017

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