Introducing the Filter Control For ASP.NET

14 October 2008

In the next major release of DXperience and ASPxGridView & Editors Library is a new filter control for ASP.NET. The ASPxFilterControl brings you advanced filter and criteria options for the ASPxGridView. Check out the new ASPx FilterControl video below that shows:

  • Where the idea for ASPx FilterControl came from
  • How to enable the new Filter Bar within the ASPxGridView
  • How the end-user can create/modify/delete filters
  • How to set filters at runtime


ASPxGridView Filter Control

So check out the new ASPx FilterControl introduction video and let me know how you plan to use the filter control in your ASPxGridView.

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Steven Rasmussen

This is a great step forward for the AspxGridView and will work really well as a basic filter builder.  There are still some major aspects that could be improved to both the winforms version and this version of the Filter Control that could make it un-beatable.  See suggestion S20272 for suggestions.  

Anyway, great work.

15 October, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Steve,

Thanks and yes, you'll love this new filter control. Btw, it looks like your suggestion has been accepted. Smile

15 October, 2008
Steven Rasmussen

Accepted yes :)  But I'm not very hopeful that it will get implemented anytime soon...  it's been accepted for over a year now.  Oh well :(  maybe one day....

15 October, 2008
Jim Foye

This looks great, thanks!

15 October, 2008
Andrew (DevExpress)

Hi Steven,

Regarding your issue:

We will definitely implement this feature one day. Roman (our XAF architect) constantly tells me that a database scheme is not flat, it is a tree. However, we deal with root nodes only.

Several weeks ago, when Roman came to our room to talk about integrating ASP.NET filter control into XAF, he started yelling at us. He was disappointed because to introduce the filter control, his guys have  to implement a couple of interfaces (IWebFilter…). The problem is simple; the filter control needs to get properties and their types (or editor types) to build criteria. There is nothing wrong from our point of view, the guys who wrote ASP.NET filter control. However, from XAF guys’ point of view, they have to introduce some more damn interfaces. Is it a big deal? Nope, but they already did a similar thing for WinForms filter control, Winforms and ASP.NET field customization window. There are several other places where they have to work with different API that does the same. It will make mad any agile development and it is hard to disagree with Roman.

A good solution is to introduce these interfaces into our core dll and use them through our entire control library. And of course, this API should support the tree structure.

I hope we will do it rather sooner than later. Although our management understands that changing our code will not introduce more features and, as a result, will not make our customers feel better. They respect these types of changes.  Because they understand that it will keep our code clean and as a result we will introduce new features faster and our customers will report less issues, the product line will be more solid.

PS: I have to say that we are fighting against refactoring that doesn’t give us any reasonable benefits. However, this situation is not a case.

16 October, 2008
Robert O'Brien

Looks good. When can we get it? When is 2008.3 due?

16 October, 2008
Peter O

Looks really nice. We are using the Winforms control allready and waiting for this control. Can you give an date on when it's available?

16 October, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Ben/Peter,

We're aiming for early November.

16 October, 2008
Steven Rasmussen


I appreciate the insight.  It is nice to know that it is at least being talked about internally.  I can understand the debate and agree that the code should be centrally located.  Anyway, thanks for the post!

17 October, 2008
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26 October, 2008

Awesome control, thank you, is there any suggestions which could allow as a part of the filter control to specify how particular column should be sorted, sometimes this is not very optimal to sort asc and then descending, would be really cool to have possibility to specify sort type or filtering or both together, what do you think?

I think that suggestion S20272 is a not a good idea to implement for ASP.NET.

27 October, 2008
Chan Kok Kiet


The control is cool. I would like to know, whether the below supported?

1. Is it possible to use it independently (outside of GridView)?

2. I would like to allow user to specify filter expression and save it somewhere. Then user can re-use it.

3. Able to filter any GridView supported data source.

4. Generate filter expression for C#, SQL, Javascript

Thank you

31 October, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Chan,


1. Yes.

2. Yes, I believe this is possible. Wait for the beta and you can try it very soon.

3. Not sure if this is possible because of the filter expression that is generated may need to be adapted for the particular control you're using. Our goal was not to support any gridview product.

4. No, it generates filter expressions on the server side which you can read through callbacks or save to the database if you wanted to. Although, your idea isn't bad. After trying the beta, you may want to create a suggestion.

Thanks again!

31 October, 2008
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The DXperience 2008 Volume 3 release is now available for download. Included with it is the new ASP.NET

2 December, 2008
Bruno Conti

Hi Said

I want to save details of layout and data a ASPxGridView in a file  XML. This is possible, how?

If possible, how do I load the information?

Thank you,


30 January, 2009


How do I change text of FilterControl operators ("Equals" => "="; "Not Equals" => "!=" ..) ?



12 June, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Rossi,

You can change localization to change those strings:

This file specifically:


<data name="ASPxEditorsStringId.FilterControl_ClauseType">

<value>Equals,Does not equal,Is greater than,Is greater than or equal to,Is less than,Is less than or equal to,Is between,Is not between,Contains,Does not contain,Begins with,Ends with,Is like,Is not like,Is blank,Is not blank,Is any of,Is none of</value>


For reference, please see:

12 June, 2009

My question is similar to Rossi's, but the resx solution is perhaps not the answer.  I would like to limit the number of operators made available to the users on a column by column basis dynamically.  

So for example my filter control will have three properties that can be filtered: LifeId, Age, and Country.  If the user chooses to filter on LifeId, which is an integer, I only want to make the "equals" operator available to them.  And if the user chooses to filter on Age, which is also an integer, they should be given two operator options: equals and is greater than.  And if they choose to filter on Country I do not want to limit the operator options offered to the user by default at all.

LifeId will be a column of type FilterControlSpinEditColumn, and so will Age.  Country will be a column of type FilterControlTextColumn.

27 November, 2009
Tooyo M

How to localize filter control?

21 August, 2012
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Yes, please take a look here:

If that doesn't help then please contact our excellent support team who can help you:


21 August, 2012

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