“Section 508 Compliant” Renamed “Accessibility Compliant”

ASP.NET Team Blog
24 November 2008

The Section508Compliant property was added to all of our ASP.NET controls to support accessibility. Since this announcement, we thought about the Section508Compatibility property name.Flags

While Section508Compatibility certainly describes the feature the term, “Section 508”, however is used only in the US. And because we are an international company and have respect for all customers, we decided to rename this property. [Well, since Section 508 is not used by the rest of the world, also has something to do with it.] Wink

The Section508Compliant property has been renamed to AccessibilityCompliant.

This change was just baked into the upcoming v2008 volume 3 DXperience codebase today! And since this feature has only been released in a beta, it’s NOT a breaking change.

Freedom to the change codebase for multiple controls, don’t you just love the beta releases?

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