Give Us Your Feedback On DXperience 2008 Volume 3 Release Candidate

25 November 2008

imageMeet Stan, Serge and Nick. These guys are some of our hard working support engineers. And they’re looking for your feedback.

Please give us your feedback on the upcoming DXperience 2008 Volume 3 release. The release candidate (RC) is available now to DXperience customers.

To download the RC, just go to your Client Center account. Click on the DXperience product. Then click the Betas tab and start downloading.

This release candidate expires in 6 days, on December 1st. So you only have a few more days to test and give us your feedback.

Here are some of the new new controls and features for the next major release:

New ASP.NET Controls
  • Gauge Control for ASP.NET
  • Filter Editor Control for ASP.NET (Criteria Builder)
  • Data-bound Image Control for ASP.NET
  • Loading Panel Control for ASP.NET
  •  New WinForms Controls:
  • WinForms Alert Window Control
  • WinForms Rich Text Editor Control
  • WPF Controls
  • WPF Grid Control
  • WPF Charting Control
  • WPF Navbar Control
  • WPF Carousel Control
  • Common Changes Across All ASP.NET Controls
  • XtraReports Suite
  • XtraPivotGrid and ASPxPivotGrid Suites
  • ASPxperience Suite
  • eXpressApp Framework
  • Go to the client center and download your copy of the RC today. Then be sure to leave us feedback about these new controls and features. We setup a special forums area for this RC so you can share your experience with us.

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    Robert Fuchs

    I posted some feedback regarding WinForms Rich Text Editor Control.

    The feedback is based on the supplied demos.

    So it can well be that something I am missing is actually already implemented.

    25 November, 2008

    Is there going to be another release to replace the expired one?  In order to test, I'm using a non production project that I  still want to be able to work on after the expiry date.

    26 November, 2008
    Holger Kammerer

    I want to deliver a presentation version of our software to a important customer. Some of the new functions from the RC are urgently needed. Is there a chance to extend the expire date?

    26 November, 2008
    Nelyuska Vazquez


    I'm currently using DevExpress components, version 8.1. My users need something like the "WinForms Rich Text Editor Control", so I'll probably upgrade to the latest version...

    I have one question before downloading it, does this new editor have Spell Check?

    Thanks in advance.

    26 November, 2008


    As u have stated on your 2008 roadmap, you would add Gantt view support to the xtraScheduler components. but I could not see it in 2008.. I have told it to Julian on one of his posts, but he has not replied it yet..


    26 November, 2008
    text editors |

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    26 November, 2008

    Hi Mehul,

    From a hard working and loyal client, please take this as an FYI and not a whinge...

    Being primarily a user of XAF / Win UI (i.e. XAF plus most of your win controls), I have not looked into this release because there is simply not enough in there to justify the cost of doing so.


    27 November, 2008

    I would like the Filter Editor Control for ASP.NET (Criteria Builder) to have the ability to use some other functions in the criteria except the "Is greater than", "contains" etc.

    I think it will be very useful to include some date functions like Datediff and also some user defined functions that could appear in the same list with the predefined "contains", "is greater than" etc.

    27 November, 2008
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    27 November, 2008
    Give Us Your Feedback On DXperience 2008 Volume 3 Release … |

    Pingback from  Give Us Your Feedback On DXperience 2008 Volume 3 Release … |

    29 November, 2008

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