SharePoint Controls Demo Site Launched

12 December 2008


We've just launched a live demo of a working SharePoint portal site that uses DevExpress controls:

The website is a great way to see how DevExpress products integrate into SharePoint. Check out how the wrappers for the ASPxGridView and ASPxHtmlEditor look.

You can also see integration examples of:

  • ASPxPageControl / ASPxTabControl
  • ASPxEditors
  • ASPxGridView (Using Session Data)
  • XtraCharts

The new SharePoint support is part of the DXperience 2008 volume 3 release. And if you're itching to learn how to integrate these into your SharePoint portal then read the following how-to articles:

Check out the new SharePoint controls demo site. Btw, the DevExpress ASP.NET controls are using the new Aqua theme, which integrates nicely within SharePoint.

Do you plan to use the new SharePoint controls in your portal?

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Phil Ballai_1

I finally got around to installing the ASPxGrid into a portal site. Tech support built a new version of your installer to work with SSL enabled sites. I dropped the ListView part on the page but there does not seem to be any way to configure it.

Any ideas?

12 December, 2008
Andrew Connell [MVP MOSS]

DevExpress' SharePoint Control Demo Site

12 December, 2008
Mirrored Blogs

[via DevExpress ] Check out DevExpress' SharePoint ASP.NET demo control site: http://sharepoint.devexpress

13 December, 2008

Is DotNetNuke integration still planned?

15 December, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Mike,

It looks like there is a suggestion but also there are customers who are using it within DNN:

15 December, 2008

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