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23 January 2009

imageWant to get the first look at our upcoming ASP.NET Mask editors? Check out this preview image that shows many of the different masks.

Versatile Mask Editors

The new mask will support literals, digit and letter placeholders, ranges, enums, and date format specifiers (yyyy, MM, dd, etc).

Attention To Detail

The R&D team has paid special attention to the details for this control. I had a chance to try an early prototype and the demo is very impressive.

One feature that you'll love is that you can use the keyboard arrow keys or the mouse wheel while editing a value that is an enum or within a range. For example, when clicking on the date mask, you can increment or decrement the parts of the date by using the up or down keys.

No New Control

The mask editor support will be integrated into the ASPxTextEdit control. This means that the ASPxTextBox, ASPxButtonEdit, and ASPxDateEdit will provide the MaskSettings property.

Coming Soon

While the mask features are almost complete, the team still needs to fix some small bugs and implement small mask related features (hints, null text). However, these new ASP.NET mask edit features will be part of the DXperience 2009 volume 1 release!

This release is targeted for March 2009 but a beta will made available to DXperience customers a few weeks before the release. Need more info on DXperience or the new mask features? Feel free to drop me a line here.

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